The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Doh! A Deer!

We had a visitor yesterday. We've had so much snow lately, the local wildlife doesn't quite know what do. As the snow started falling once again yesterday morning (as it is starting to do at this very moment) Troy looked up from the computer out the back window and spotted a deer in the back yard! We thought it was kind of cool and had a good time watching him/her walk around. It looked like a yearling or maybe a doe. Well, it was cool for a while, but as the day wore on and the deer did not go away, it got to be a bit of a pain. Dear Alex the puppy was not allowed to go outside, due to his carnivorous nature, and the longer we wouldn't let him out the more he wanted to go out. Troy did take him for a couple of potty breaks in the front yard on a leash, with which Alex was non-plussed. What's the fun of being put on a leash if you're not going to leave the front yard? I don't think Alex ever figured out what was back there because if he had , I can only assume he would have screamed like a wookie until he was hoarse. Yes, he really can scream like a wookie. He's not a barker, but he can make quite a ruckus when needed. The trouble with deer is that if they get freaked out they lose all ability to think clearly and start bashing their heads into fences trying to get away. So we couldn't do much but wait.

Even better was the fact that last night we held an enrichment meeting at my house, so our house was packed with 8 extra adults and a few extra children as well, and I couldn't just put the nosey nervous doggie outside. He hung out under everyones' legs, which is his refuge in times of anxiety. That was fun. Finally in the late late evening Troy put on his gaters and stealthily snuck into our neighbor's yard and approached the deer to shoo it away. It took a couple of tries, but he finally got it frantically dashing in the right direction and it headed out, along our street and up south temple. Where it headed after that, who knows. Maybe it will visit the governor.

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ghd3 said...

Man, I am jealous of all that snow.... Keep it coming (we're coming to visit soon)!

We once had a racoon in the attic....