The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lesson Learned

I'm so sad. I thought I understood how to take pictures with my phone. I realize that this is not the ideal format for creating great pictures, but in a pinch I have been snapping a few shots with the phone. On a couple different occasions I thought I had been taking a series of pictures, when in reality I had been taking a picture, deleting it, and then taking another. Once last week, while Troy was out of town, I took the kids on a little date to an ice cream parlor. I had it in my head that we'd all share a great big banana split or something like that. However, when the kids saw the double cones, they had their hearts set on them. I took, or I thought I took, a bunch of pictures, but the only one I ended up with was this one:

Definitely not a bad one to end up with, certainly, but I'm missing the one great Stomper shot.

And then this week the whole neighborhood had no school on Monday. Some of us headed up to a park in the avenues to play, and though we all got there at different times, eventually there was a pretty good group there. I think this park is one of the only places left in the valley that has a real old-fashioned metal merry-go-round. The kids just loved it, but I did see a few good tuck-n-rolls as kids tried to get off while it was still in motion. It was pretty funny, only because no one really got hurt. I can see why those things are a dying breed. It reminded me of trying to jump off a moving train. Anyway, Bitty and her little friend J. spent the whole time on it, and when they were joined by about six boys, they made a pretty picture because every kid was wearing a different colored t-shirt. They looked so great, all the colors and smiling faces spinning in the sun, so again I snapped a bunch of pictures, erasing each one in turn. Here's the one I ended up with:

I'm glad I have the one, because it was a fun afternoon, but I'm so sad the green shirt is missing! Oh well, another lesson learned!


Kelly said...

Aaargh! I feel your pain - I've done the same thing. One note about camera phones and pictures, I have to put in a plug for the iPhone. My husband has one and I swear the pictures it takes are better than my nice camera. You still ended up with some awesome pictures :)

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

RAch! I love that park with the old-school merry go round. I have such fond childhood memories of those things. That is such a fun park. Man I am getting ready for another visit to SLC. Good times there.