The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, April 04, 2008


Okay, I'm actually kind of getting into these tags - they're a kind of fun way to find things out about friends. If you don't find them fun or interesting, then please, stop reading. I got an ABC tag from my friend Gina. Here goes.

A-Attached or Single:
I'm singularly attached. I love my Troy.
B-Best Friend:
See above answer. I'm also endlessly grateful for my piles and piles of friends.
C-Cake or Pie:
How am I supposed to answer that one? I'd eat both with a fork in each hand if I could. And I love making both, though I've had more success in the cake department.
D-Day of Choice:
Don't really have a favorite. I love Tuesday and Wednesday because that's when my favorite step class is, I love Saturdays because "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" is on NPR...
E-Essential Items:
Hand lotion, chap stick, a scrunchie. I also greatly appreciate having baby wipes on hand, though I try to not go through them wastefully.
F-Favorite Color:
So many good ones! Apple green, lately.
G-Gummy Bears or Worms:
Bears, I guess, but I'd prefer the little cola bottles.
Born in Boulder Colorado, but at this point SLC is really home.
Good food, I love a nice pedicure but don't do it much.
J-January or July:
Gosh. I'd rather have the two inbetweens of April and October.
K- Kids:
Three babes, one of whom is waiting for us to catch up to him.
L- Life would be incomplete without:
My family and friends
M- Marriage Date:
December 30, 1997 (yup, that makes us working on year #11!)
N-Number of Siblings:
1 big sis and 2 little bros.
O-Oranges or Apples:
Apples I guess. I love oranges but I'm so picky - they have to be just right or I can't eat them.
P-Phobia or Fears:
Hmmm. I guess really deep water kind of freaks me out. Heights, although I'm thrilled by them too. I don't like forgetting things, isn't that weird? Alzheimer's totally freaks me out.
You must sacrifice perfection in order to teach responsibility
R-Reason to smile:
Life in general, I think. The coming of Spring. Watching my kids playing nicely. Hearing a song I really love. Shall I go on?
When spring finally gets here I'm just filled with happiness. I love watching my plants come up, I love going outside and breathing in all the smells, going for walks. Mmmm. Love it.
T-Tag Six:
How about Michelle, Melissa, Monica, Carrie, Kathleen P. and Adair. No pressure, of course.
U-Unknown Fact About Me:
I have hair on my big toes.
V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal:
Isn't there a separate category? Like "Less Meat Eating?" Because that's where I am.
Y- Your Favorite Food:
I'd have to say that Indian food is pretty much manna from heaven for me, though I love most Asian like Korean, Thai, stuff like that.
Z-Zodiac Sign:
Gemini. Apparently this means that I'm a back-stabbing two-timer.


tiffrsmith said...

I have hair on my big toes too! That's hilarious! Does your husband tease you about it as relentlessly as mine does??

Gina said...

I totally thought that you would not be into the tag thing. I have to admit I find them a little annoying. So I have told myself that this is the only one I will do about myself on my blog. I do love reading other peoples though. Yours is great! Doesn’t everybody have some hair on their big toes!

Kelly said...

Hi Rachel -it's Misty's sister, Kelly. She gave me your link - hope that's okay. I totally copied your tag - I actually like these things. They are "blog fillers" for when I can't think of anything brilliant to blog about. If you email me, I will send you an invite to my blog (it's private for various reasons). My email is

Melissa said...

Alright Rachel, I'll get to it, but I have to think about some of those. Where are "W" and "X"?

napalmbrain said...

The hair must be a genetic thing. Cause guess what?

M&S Palfreyman said...

I love you your Q comment. I have put it as my main statement under our blog name. It fits "perfectly". I am so glad I was able to find you this way. I have loved reading your blog. Stacy