The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beloved Teachers

As Stomper keeps telling me, the past year has gone by just like 'that!' (He demonstrates the extreme speed with the snap of his fingers, of course.)  We've all been shedding some tears over the past week saying goodbye to this year's wonderful group of teachers.  I mean it.  The kids have been bawling since about three days before school let out.,,,,,and so have I.  :)

  Mrs. Lloyd
About Mrs. Lloyd, Stomper says, "She was really nice.  She had fun projects like taking us to the zoo and learning about African animals and bugs.  On my birthday we had a sword fight.  I will always remember making the African Mask." 

That reminds me!  His teacher does these amazing 3D African animal masks every year and Stomper chose to do a crocodile.  I came in to help him a couple of times and I think the final result was pretty amazing. I think I posted a picture of it a couple of posts ago for their art night.  Anyway, a picture of his mask appeared on the cover of this year's final newsletter - I thought that was pretty great!

 Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Clark

About Mrs. Scott, the main teacher, Bitty says, "She was one of the kindest teachers that I have ever had.  She barely got mad at all and that she always liked to fun stuff and that she just was so kind. One of the fun things was the school carnival and that we got to make pinch pots and little houses. We got to be in kindergarten for such a long time.  I hope that Bundle gets my same teachers."

 Besides saying goodbye to our regular teachers we have also had the chance to visit our beloved Miss Patti, the preschool teacher that both big kids had for their first year.  She retired this year and her daughters threw her a party at sugarhouse park.  Patti is amazing - she taught for 20 years and our little family was just a blip on her screen but she acted like not a day had gone by since we had seen her.  Both kids were shy at first but quickly warmed up and remembered what great years they had with her.

I am so grateful for the wonderful teachers we have had this year.  Hopefully  next year we are equally blessed.

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