The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Demise of the Flaming Griffins

As our school year has drawn to a close, there have been many celebrations and fond farewells.  Both of the kids had their final soccer games last weekend.  Bitty's was so cute. This year she was on a little co-ed team and ended up being the only girl among a darling group of boys, none of whom go to our same school.  I'm a little sad because they were such a great little group and due to the fact that first grade teams are divided into boys and girls we definitely won't see them again.  When we got to the game on Saturday, we discovered that  a gal from Bitty's class was on the opposing team! She is an absolute doll and I'm so sad they weren't on the same team!  I love her family too.  Sadly, they were only in Utah for a year, visiting from South Carolina.  So, it was fun to be together that one last morning.  Her parents and I did a lot of cheering for both sides. Bitty loves soccer and I think we're going to have to sign up for another year even though there are so many other things she wants to do too.  I can't deny that she's a rockin' little footballer.

And then there's Stomper's team.  I don't think any of the team parents knew what to say last fall as the boys decided that the team name just had to be "The Flaming Griffins."  We laughed a lot, actually, in a very fond way, and deliberated on whether or not we should have t-shirts made.  "Proud Parent of a Flaming Griffin," or something along those lines.  I'm sorry to say that his team does not boast a winning season.  Actually, we didn't win a single game this spring, but that doesn't even matter.  I adore this group of boys and their families and I'm so delighted to have these people in our lives and building solid friendships with our children.  That's an answer to prayer, I'll tell you that. 

In the evening his team regathered in the gorgeous back yard of one family to enjoy a little more time together.  Plenty of yummy food and tons of romping wrestling tumbling boys all over the place.  And some cute girls too. I'm excited for next fall.  We'll just have to see if they keep that awesome team name for one more year.  Go Flamers!


Misty said...

Go Flamers?? You might want to rethink that nickname, Rach. :)

RLRP said...

Exactly, Misty, which is why all the parents chuckled all season long about their chosen title. We did not actually shout this from the sidelines. :)