The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Magic. Just Magic.

Has there ever been a band that many of your friends and family love, I mean absolutely adored, and they play them for you and show you videos and... you like them. Yes.  Like them very much.  But then something happens, something clicks and suddenly you get it. You get in on the magic.  I happened for me in the mid 90's with UB40.  So many people I knew just loved loved them and I kinda liked 'em, until I joined the gang up at Parkwest to see them in concert.  And suddenly I loved them too.  I got it.

Last night I got to go to a show to see a duo....did you catch that, by the way?  Last night I GOT TO GO OUT to see a concert.  Bundle is growing up just slightly.  Thank you thank you Myca, for being my gal.  My friend Myca put my kids to bed!  Including Bundle!  This is fabulous.  Anyway, back on track.  Troy and I went to go see The Civil Wars at our new favorite concert joint, The State Room.

I have liked their music very much.  We heard about them from our friend Adam, who took Troy to see them last February or something and Troy's been hooked ever since. But I don't really pick them for my tunes to clean the kitchen or go for walks - they're pretty mellowish, serious sad topics...not especially upbeat.  So I wasn't in love.  Until I went to see them.  We attended the show with our dear friends Angie and Adam and sat up in the seats for the opener, which was fine.  Then clever Adam, as soon as the opener was done, popped up out of the seats and we got a front-and-center spot on the floor. The Civil Wars came up on stage.  Just one man, one woman, and the instruments they play - often just one guitar.  And it was just absolute magic.  Even compared to my beloved Weepies.  (They're still my favorites...of course.....) Their performance sparkled.  How can I possibly describe it?  John Paul White is a dead ringer for Johnny Depp gone to the bayou.  And Joy Williams....well, I think I have almost as big of a crush on her as my husband does.  She is somehow adorable, sweet, sassy, sexy and just joyfull all at the same time.  She sings with a twinkle in her eye and and smile tucked in the corner of her mouth at all times.  They are almost choreographed in their performace and you just can't tear your eyes off of them.  Okay, I can't do them justice. Here's a video.

They have such fabulous chemistry on stage together.  They're actually both married to other people and I wonder how their spouses handle it because they just are so awesome together.

Okay, I'm just blathering now.  Lovedlovedlovedloved it.  Hope they come again soon.  I'll never forget it. 

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Bella said...

yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a night out....well needed and deserved! i feel very out of touch with music in the last few thank you for sharing something new for me!