The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Survival

I took Bundle for the most glorious walk this evening.  The weather hasn't turned hot yet so it was cool and lovely, just before sunset.  I hoofed it through the avenues for a while then strolled down by the park, where Bundle insisted we stop and I agreed.  I pushed her in the swings for a bit while I watched a couple of guys doing some serious frisbee tossing across the grass.  It made me think very fondly of my pre-Troy/post-mission years when I hung out with my brother Peter a lot.  We'd walk to Laird Park almost every summer night together after dark and throw a frisbee around.  The walks to and from the park gave us a lot of time to talk and then running through the cool night air chasing frisbees was just fun.  One night as we made our way to the park I even grabbed a peach off of a tree, whose branch was reaching over the sidewalk and dangling the perfectly ripe fruit right over our noses. I took it as a sign that it was there just for us.  We shared the juicy thing, licked our fingers and proceeded to our nightly disc-tossing.  Great memories.

Also while at the park I watched two young girls, college-age probably, who were there just swinging and talking.  I did a lot of that with my friend Anne, at that same park even.  We'd bring ginger ale, our favorite, and just swing and talk.  The swings back then were much taller and if you really got swinging you shot right up into the cottonwood trees. 

So, my walk tonight brought back many happy memories.  And it was good for my soul.  I so needed to get out.  My poor kids today....scratch that.  They were just awful today.  I don't get it.  I'm trying to be Mary Poppins here - I must be kind, I must be witty, very sweet and fairly pretty, take them on outings, give them treats, sing songs, bring sweets... Well, my 'cheery disposition' keeps going straight down the toilet.  I'm just going to say that the kids are not handling summer well, even on the days when I plan the things they're most excited to do.  Not that staying home helps.  All is drama and tears and fighting.  Mary Poppins is going away now. 


That was two days ago.  I'm not managing to get to my computer often!  But the air is momentarily calm and so I thought I'd post a couple of events from the previous week.

Last Saturday we went to the chalk-art festival down at the Gateway Mall.  I've never been to the event before and I'm so glad we went, even though we waited until late in the day and the kids were already quite tired.  It was really really neat.  First we stopped a did a little chalking of our own, and the strolled along the street looking at all of the art.  I bumped into an old friend, and found out that his brother whom I used to date, did one of the drawings.  It was pretty amazing. I feel a little sad that my drawing and painting is currently hibernating but I can not summon the desire to get into the mental space I have to in order to paint. Perhaps someday again.   In the meantime I'm appreciating the art of others - I don't think I'll ever miss the festival again.  We really loved it - the kids were completely fascinated.

 This one is my old friend's - amazing, right?

Sunday of course was Father's Day and we celebrated in our own special way - Bundle spent the previous night up and sick all night long.  So Troy, bless him, took the day off from his Sunday duties and church and hunkered down with us all day long.  It poured rain throughout the day, and most of us stayed in jammies until mid afternoon.  The kids showered Troy with gifts - hand sculpted statues for his office plus some homemade keychains and the like.  I myself gave him Oreo cookies and a bag full of his favorite gorgeous red apples.  It wasn't a really fabulous Father's Day gift, but that man is hard to shop for.  So he gets treats and permission to shop for himself.  Not that he needs it, but he has it anyway.  We are sure blessed to have our Troy.  He is talented, takes good care of us, and loves us all the way we are, thank heavens. 

We also spent an evening with our St. George cousins - they hung out in Salt Lake while my brother Peter was a complete tough guy and ran the relay from Logan to Park City - he put in about 20 miles!  We have been frequenting the library, picking up our summer reading prizes, and also enjoying many play dates with friends.  At this very moment we have two kids over and Stomper is watching movies with the big sister while Bitty is playing with the little brother.  No one is fighting.  Ahhhhhhh.  We just may make it through!


Cullen said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It turned my thoughts to things I loved about summers growing up!

Sheri said...

Siena was exactly the same as Bundle on Father's Day! That is so crazy. We must have passed a bug among us!

jefferies said...

I love you...I think your kids are very lucky to have you for a mom...good days and not so good. :-)