The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Almost Worth It

Summer. I love it.  It's killing me.  It's almost over.  We're so lucky to have been able to do so many fun things this year.  I was panicked at the beginning of June that I'd be wondering what we'd have to fill our days with, but now that it's almost the middle of august and school starts in about 10 days, there isn't quite enough time to get everything in that we were hoping to do!  Luckily September is warm and long too and so we'll keep doing things.

One adventure we made sure to fit in this year was the annual trip up to Strawberry Reservoir for Troy and the big kids to go crawdad huntin'.  Much to my chagrin.  Just kidding - the kids absolutely go nuts for it and they tried really hard to bring in a good haul so that we could invite some neighbors over to enjoy the massive feasting that crawdads provide.  Okay, it's not that much of a feast.  So I whipped up some jamabalaya, my first time ever trying it.  It was so good!  I'm officially a jambalaya fan.

Troy and the kids brought in a massive catch of 47 crawdads, which means that there was about 1/2 oz. of meat for everyone.  Actually it was a great deal of fun.  I used the website Pandora to find some cajun tunes, we set up a big table covered with a garbage bag and set a bucket on top.  We boiled up those little guys and dumped them out on the table and everyone began enjoying their morsels of meat.  Most everyone, that is.  There were a few of us who just let there be more for everyone else.  I  myself partook of two, and the meat was good, but somehow I still find them rather off-putting.   The jamabalaya was awesome, though, as was the nieghborly company, the beautiful summer evening and the icy rootbeers floating in the cooler.  Like I said, Summer. I love it.

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