The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Love Letter to The Weepies

Dear Weepies,

Thank you for coming in concert the other night.  It is always very nice when one's favorite band on the entire planet comes to your home town.   I was able to see you with my husband this time, which was really fun.  There aren't too many bands that my husband and I are both nuts about.  Okay, I definitely love you more than he does, but he was pretty happy to be there with me, and calls you delightful.

So I was standing up at your show, right in front of the stage.  There was one row of people in front of me, but I was right there, feeling absolutely thrilled that I got to watch you sing some of my favorite songs.  (Ever since I heard Slow Pony Home for the first time about four years ago I hoped that one day I'd get to hear you sing it live.  Thanks especially for including that in your setlist.) Some of the folks in front of me were very silly, in my opinion.  I'm sure you have people yelling ridiculous things at you during any given show, and perhaps it's flattering as well as disrupting.  I kind of can't stand it when people do that, and this time when that gal held up her cell phone to show you pictures of her kid I wanted to hipcheck her and take her place in the front row.  A little obnoxious.

Here's the thing. I kind of know how they all felt.  As much as it was driving me totally crazy that they were trying to have a conversation with you while you were putting on a show, I know how it feels to be a fan.  I was standing there, singing along and hoping that your eyes would meet mine for just a moment, just long enough for you to see ME.  That it was me standing there and not just a body and nameless face.  That your music has been a big part of my life the past few years and it's really not fair that through the music I know you pretty well and you don't know me at all!  But somehow, I didn't think that yelling at you or making funny comments was going to bridge the gap. 

Well, it was a great show.  I'm hoping that you'll have an album coming out soon....and that will lead to another concert....where I will again get tickets and come early to hang out and let you sing to me.  I can't wait.


(Sorry, crappy cell phone pictures, but I didn't think they'd be cool with me going in there with a giant camera hanging around my neck.  Maybe I should have tried!)


Misty said...

They came again? Kudos to Troy for going. :)

jefferies said...

I seriously MUST check out this band after hearing you rave about them so much. I know I will love them. I always love everything you do... We must have the same taste! :-)
Glad you enjoyed yourselves! Nothing like a wonderful concert!

Angie said...

The Weepies??? Wait, I thought you went to the Wiggles?? :)