The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I am going to begin with my own awesomeness.  I am awesome.  You want to know why?  Obviously not for being a stellar blogger as of late...hello, what day is it?  The 19th??  And this is my first post of the month?  No, I am awesome because it is nearly midnight and I have spent much of today successfully creating a single Captain America t-shirt out of four separate t-shirts, three of which I found in the bottom of my son's drawer.  I did this because Halloween is nearly upon us and the fact that my son settled upon a costume more than a week before the big day is a wonderful thing.  Upon committing him 100% to his character of choice I straight away began looking for appropriate costume pieces.  As it turns out, on this entire planet, as viewed through my web browser, there are only two possible choices for Captain America costumes besides those that cost over $300.  Not only do neither of them come with a sheild (doi!!) but both of them are the rather cheesy nylon jumpsuit things which are fine for cute little kindergartners but my 10 year old boy said no.  So we went with some cool army-type pants and this homemade shirt that took me many many hours to complete.  It looks awesome.  Of course, my vision is rather blurry at the moment and I'm afraid to look at it in the morning when I have had some sleep, but for the moment, I am awesome.

Ah, Halloween.  I love it, I hate it.  Next step is to complete Bitty's Bellatrix LeStrange costume...I love how she loves to be evil scary things on Halloween.  Almost as much as I love the fact that her sister wants nothing more than to be a princess with a sparkly dress.

And now to the real awesomeness.  The kids had extensive play dates today and there was lots of coming and going and here and there....and since Troy was away in Logan until past bedtime I thought it would be a perfect evening to take the kids and go see Brave at the dollar theater.  It is so fun to go to movies with Bundle now that she is big enough to get through the whole thing.  She wiggles in her seat to the music, she makes loud excited comments like, "She did it, mommy, she did it!!" and claps at the end.  Okay, we did end up heading to the bathroom twice and knocked over a tub of popcorn in the process but hey, I'll take it.

The best part of the movie was toward the end when things were getting a little scary,  I had Bundle on one side of me and Stomper on the other.  Bitty crawled across to sit on my lap and both the other kids leaned in until we were one big snuggle pile that amazingly stayed sweet and comfortable for the duration of the movie.  Anyone who has had small children pile up around and on top of them knows that it generally becomes wiggly and full of elbows before very long.  But not tonight. We all snuggled as best we could until the very end, where I found myself getting teary as the mother and daughter reunite.  That's when I heard a very small sniffle to my right.  I tried to by sly as I sneaked a peek at my sweet son but he caught my eye and gave me a small little smile.  And sniffed again.  After the movie we were walking along and he and I had a quiet second so I asked him if he had gotten a little teary at the end of the movie too.  He said, "Yes, I did.  I'm just like that. But I'm really really good at hiding it."  That made me smile, and I assured him that both his father and his mother have a similar issue though we don't always hide it as well.  For some reason watching my son get slightly choked up over a movie just made me feel happy.  I had an awesome night with the kids.

And now I shall be off to bed seeing as how I need to make a Captain America shield tomorrow.


Cullen said...

Loved the story about watching the movie. You've got great kids. Good job there!

Myca said...

You are awesome!!! I'm sure it's the best cam
Plain America ever! I LOVE hearing how everyone is, and what's going on!

Love you and your family!