The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A New Take on an Old Tradition

It was with much sorrow that The Misty and I realized that our gingerbread house night was just not going to work out this year - too much stuff happening!  I was very sorry to not have a obsessive friend to validate my own obsession as we decorate houses together.  But Troy and I decided to press forward anyhow and find someone else to join us in a night of sugary creation.  We tracked down our dear friends the Griffiths.  They are busy folks and it can be hard for us to get together, but sometimes it just works to call someone at the last minute; works even better than planning ahead.  Happily they were available in the evening of the Monday morning I was calling so over they came!  The Griffiths have three adorable boys - each really different in personality and appearance and they each just delight me in their own ways.

This year was not to be my Perfect Gingerbread House year.  The kids took over every available cookie and   within minutes were in the throws of confectionery creation.  Some kids took the whole evening to meticulously assemble their creation, and others slapped on a sprinkle or two before trying to take a bite of the for-decoration-only gingerbread.  No one tried for a second bite.  

It was a thoroughly pleasant evening, the highlights for me being watching Papa Griffiths interact with Bundle, who was as delighted with him as he was with her.  I also enjoyed the grilled chicken, apricot and sage paninis we gobbled while looking over photos of the various Christmas parties we each threw at our churches while the kids played together.

It was a great night.  Any chance we get to spend with the Griffiths is a good one, even if you might find me one of these nights up at three in the morning decorating my own house all by myself with perfect symmetry and coordinating color palates. It really was for the best to have kids force me to let go of my micro management of all gingerbread.  I'm not even that good at it.  But that doesn't mean I don't want another go at it next year, Misty, okay?

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Misty said...

You're a step ahead of us. We didn't even do houses this year. :( So yes, we're on next year. And forever after.