The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Newest Dancer

Once Bitty started taking cello lessons it seemed like her artistic void was being filled and I stopped feeling bad that she didn't go to dance class any more.  I still kind of wish she did but she didn't always love it - she put up a fight regularly about going.  I miss seeing her in her cute ballet hair and leotard with her strong little legs.  But she seems to adore cello.

Last spring I decided to try Bundle in a parent-and-child dance class and oh man did she love it.  We skipped the summer session and by the the fall she was old enough to be registered in Miss Kim's Pre-Ballet class; no more mommy-n-me!  I wasn't sure Bundle would dig going to dance class without me - she seems so little still sometimes but let me tell you, from the first moment she stepped foot in the studio on her very first day, she has been in heaven and hasn't had a moment of dismay or resistance.  She loves Miss Kim, she loves dance. And I love her.

Forgive the over abundance of photos, I couldn't resist.


Unknown said...

Could that little girl be any cuter? Nope.

Sheri said...

Gaaa! She doesn't look so little in those pictures! Stop it! Our babies are not that grown up. I refuse to believe it!

bella said...

oh my darling girl!!!! and honestly, miss kim rocks!! we love her, too! i think you have many years of the nutcracker try outs coming! :)

Kate said...

She's so CUUUUTE!!!