The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, December 24, 2012

What a Week!!

What a week we have had.  It is late at night, this Eve of Christmas Eve - wow!  Christmas is about to come again whether I am ready or not and I am happy to say that I am really almost ready!  I only have like....maybe 200 things to do?  Not bad, not bad!!

We have had a very cheery and busy week, filling up our time with friends and outings.  Here are a few of the things we have been up to -

On Tuesday evening we went with my friend Jeannie and her son to see the zoo lights.  Her husband couldn't make it and I am pretty sure that Troy was only too happy to not be able to make it too.  I could hardly blame him - every holiday season I like going on festive outings of all kinds to enjoy the spirit and energy of the season. The light display up at Hogle Zoo is really beautiful and fun and I always try to get the kids up there but somehow it turns into total misery every year. Last year it was because it was super freezing cold and I, like an IDIOT, let the kids have cotton candy which got them completely sticky and as they licked their blue fingers it just froze them even more until pretty much everyone was sobbing.  No wonder Troy didn't want to go - especially because we were going on the coldest night in the week's forecast. Well, I guess the years of experience have finally paid off  because I a) dressed the kids in their snowsuits, b) warned them in advance that I would be purchasing not one single drink or snack and c) I rented a double stroller and brought blankets so I could put cold kids someplace where they could huddle.  It worked beautifully and we all had a great time, so much so that we ended up cruising Christmas Street together after we were done at the zoo.  Great night!

We also had the kids' very first cello concert, which I will have to blog about separately.

We attended a play at The Children's Theater on State Street called Toy Land - it was hilarious!  (I mean despite the not-so-funny part where Stomper dumped almost his entire bottle of root beer on the floor.) What really tickled me was watching my kids watch the play.  Bundle especially remained surprisingly glued to the show.  She appeared to be quite emotionally involved with these characters and just sat on the literal edge of her seat the entire time.  Great fun. We will always fondly remember Rumpelstiltskin, Tweedle Dum and the adorable little baby sheep most of all. (Imagine 3 year olds dressed in fuzzy little sheep costumes....even Stomper was adorable-ized.)

We also attended a party at our friends' home in which the sole form of entertainment was signing together.  Oh how I love singing!  It was  a pretty loud group but I managed to sing a couple of new-to-me pieces which I loved.  I also made French onion soup which turned out super yummy.  We will always especially remember the rendition of Good King Wenceslas performed with gusto by our host Martin and his brother complete costumes and one serious falsetto.

We also had class parties and Christmas preparations and cello lessons and you know, it was just a nutty week! And a fun one.  I of course fell asleep as I was typing last night so now it's Christmas Eve - I wish the world a wonderful and a very Happy Christmas!

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