The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Going Huntin'

In the words of Bitty, "This is one of my all time favorite favorite I mean the best ever totally wonderful Christmas traditions we have!"  This phrase or one very like unto it was repeated on average forty three times per hour for one entire weekend early this December.  And I thoroughly agree.  What would Christmas be without our trek to Bear Lake to hunt down and capture our wild tree?  It just wouldn't be the same!

We haven't had a snowy December in the valley for a very long time and our trip to Bear Lake always felt extra Christmassy because it was like going to the North Pole.  It's always been snowy up there! Sadly, this year even Bear Lake was empty of snow.  I was sorry for its absence because lately it seems like it can be the only Christmas snow we get but I have to sure makes packing for a trip and going tree hunting easier. I didn't have to have an extra packing case just for the snow clothing.  On our drive up the mountain we weren't packed in the car like sardines all stuffed in our gear.  It was kind of nice.  I just had boots and gloves for everyone and that was it.  Of course...that means there was a serious mud problem at the tree hunting sight but my kids stayed out of it.  Mostly.

We always love being with our friends the Burnetts who are such kindred friends through we only manage to see them once or twice a year.  Plus this year we had the added bonus of being joined by one of Mary's old mission companions and her family.  I was super excited to welcome them because they HAVE BOYS.  Poor Stomper every year is the lone boy in a sea of little girls....okay, the Burnetts do have a sweet little toddler boy but he isn't quite into legos and dragons and super heros and stuff quite yet.  This new family was delightful to get to know, though I had a lot of sympathy for them as all three of their boys exhibited their manhood on the tree hunt by practically leaping into the mud and sliding around like penguins. It was all fun and games until they all started crying, poor things.

It was a weekend of uninhibited munching on delicious food, chatting late into the night, watching A Christmas Carol with the oldest kids, knitting happily away by the fire, and of course, tracking down and capturing possibly our favorite tree ever.

The Knitting Crew

Steve located a nice little severed elk leg.
Little did we know that he stowed it on the roof of our car and we
didn't find it until we were back home again. Yummy.

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Myca said...

Love, love, love the pictures! I'm so happy that you had a great time in Bear Lake (even without the snow). I love that you always have a real tree, and hope that one day I will be brave and own one as well!