The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fearless Hunters

Another year, another trek to the great white north to hunt the mighty Christmas tree.  I guess the north wasn't exactly white.  We're having a pretty green Christmas this year so far (ever the hopeful optimist am I) but we did manage to find some snow in the high hills above Bear Lake.

We so love our annual tradition with the dear Burnetts.  This was our sixth year going - it would have been our seventh if I hadn't been too wimpy to go the year Skippidy was an infant.  Every year we've been to the cabin owned by Mary's brother and his friend, but that cabin is no longer under this brother's ownership - he sold his portion and bought a very large piece of property nearby.  He has plans for a lodge-type building up in the hills, but until that's done, there is still a place for friends and family to stay - a tiny little cabin just at the entrance to the property, aptly named The Gatehouse.  When I say tiny, I do mean tiny, but it is truly the most darling snug little cabin around.  There's a bedroom, a bathroom, a little kitchen and living room which is completely filled with one giant couch. There's also a loft area, and thanks to that, there's just enough room for two families of five who really like each other to enjoy a weekend together in the hills.  

We had a lovely weekend together.  We cooked meals which involved lots of improvising because this cabin didn't have quite the stock that the old one did.  We watched Christmas movies and pulled out our knitting while the kids beaded bracelets.  We admired Jarvis for making it up the very muddy roads to the cabin.  I did the driving at night up those muddy roads and I admire myself a little bit too for not panicking and getting us stuck in this serious mud.  We slept in piles of people on mats all over the house.  We hunted the hills for just the right tree and once again picked one that was only about 2 1/2 feet too tall.  It's a beaut.  Cheers to another wonderful year together.  

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