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The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers

I finally plugged my phone into the computer and downloaded a whole bunch of photos and realized that I forgot to blog about the rest of the Thanksgiving Weekend we had with Peter and Sheri! I know it was a long time ago, but who cares. I just wanted to share a story about our nutty day.

So the day after Thanksgiving - Black Friday - usually a pretty crazy day, no?  Yes!  And what did we do?  Left the house and went down town! Like a bunch of morons!  We mostly went because my sweet little niece Siena (you know...the one who already wasn't feeling well as evidenced by her ralphing at dinner?) had her heart absolutely set on visiting the Church History Museum down town where there is a darling kids' area to play in.  We, as seems to be our pattern, tried to make a day of it.

We started by enjoying a trax train ride from the UofU stadium to down town.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.  That took us pretty near the City Creek mall and these big windows at Macy's where there have been built some giant candy displays.  We thought the kids might enjoy that so we started off.  We realized how close we were to both lunch time and the food court so it seemed logical to grab a little food first.  Then Sheri pointed out that we would be walking right by the Disney store on our way and shouldn't we just stop in for a second?  It was then that I realized her ploy!  I think she must have been scheming all day long, figuring out how to get me to a mall and into a kids store on Black Friday.  Tricky girl.  Here's her face when I called her on it:

Who ME?

I am ashamed...

Just kidding.  Sort of.  She swears it was just coincidence but I'll never know the real truth.  ;)  After a few extremely crowded minutes at the Disney Store we made it to the food court for lunch and the play area.  I love watching Gregor with his baby niece.  It's pretty cute watching him take care of her.

We finally made it to the windows:

Still looking slightly green....

All Candy!!

Then we walked through Temple Square, out the west gates toward the museum where we saw this:

It was closed.  For another YEAR.  Poor Siena promptly dissolved into a giant tear-puddle.  Poor thing!  That was all she could handle.  Luckily Peter had joined us in his car and so he just picked her up, walked to his car and drove her straight home.  She was sound asleep by the time the rest of us arrived there after another long walk and a train ride where my kids attempted some train surfing:

Another memorable outing.  We got home and let kids be tired and lazy and exhausted until dark fell and then we headed up to see the members-only preview night for the Zoo Lights.  What a great year to go!  It was SO WARM!  I'm used to Zoo Lights being kind of miserable with cold kids who get colder when they take off their gloves to eat a treat and then get sticky and even colder.  Not this year!  They barely even needed coats.  Of course, now that it's almost Christmas Eve I'm lamenting the warm December with not a dot of snow and t-shirt temps, but that's another story.

We went back the next day to actually see some animals....and enjoyed a very quiet afternoon at the zoo.  We had the whole train to just ourselves!

Okay, I feel better.  Sorry I had to revert back to November for a minute, we're back now.

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Linda R said...

We are suppose to get snow on Christmas coming from the west, did you get a white Christmas this year??