The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

If It's Too Loud...then it's just too loud.

Quick little story here, wish I had a picture to go with.

This was last week maybe, probably the Saturday before Christmas.  I can't remember.  Can I remember ANYTHING anymore?  Not really.  But that's another topic.  So yes, it was a day that Troy was home in the morning.  We were puttering around the house, I think I had been out doing errands or something.  I came home to find my sweet husband working in the kitchen, which I so appreciated.  He keeps himself going by listening to very loud 80's rock music.  Billy Idol.  ACDC.  Van Halen.  And of course, some Def Pour-Some-Sugar-On-Me Leopard.  I'm not sure which of these classic artists he had cranked up when we got home but it was fun to rock out together a bit.  I think we even had a mini dance party in the kitchen which makes me think we had ventured into Billy Idol territory.  After a while the party broke up and we all went off to do our separate Saturday things, but Troy kept the music going loud and strong.  And, old lady that I am, it started to wear on my ear drums a bit.  So I turned it down a few clicks.  Oh the ribbing I got from Troy!  Apparently I really am just too old to have any fun anymore.  Yeah, yeah, whatever, just let me turn it down a little bit!

I think it was at this point that I heard a faint wailing sound coming from Skippidy's room.  I went in search of my troubled gal and found her weeping behind her closed door.  Her room is right by the computer, and I quickly scooped her up and asked her what the trouble was.  Through her tears she let me know that she had been calling for me, and couldn't get to me because the loud music was trapping her in her room.

So it's not just me.  We're all old ladies around here who just can't handle the rock and roll.  At least not for very long.

Sorry Troy.

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