The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, November 08, 2007


As R and I were leaving the house the other day, she tripped over the door frame and let out a big, "Oh Crap!" Yeah, I know, all parents get to enjoy listening to our kids repeat things they hear from us. "Oh Crap" isn't the worst thing in the world, and I can be grateful for that! C was next to me one day when I muttered that phrase under my breath and he said, "I heard that, Mommy. I hear everything you whisper." Now that scared me.

Today was one of those jam-packed days - C had a friend over in the morning and then we went straight to school at lunchtime. During school I took R on about five errands, and she hung in there pretty well. Then immediately after school the three of us headed up to Bountiful to Misty's house. She had gotten the two of us tickets to hear Shannon Hale speak. I dumped the kids off at her house with a babysitter, sure that R would panic and completely wig out, but she did well. I enjoyed hearing from Shannon - she's funny and clever, which you can tell from her books. The event was slightly unorganized, but still fun. I sneaked out early to relieve the sitter while Misty attempted to get our books signed. I was really happy that my kids are so comfortable and happy there, just like I am! And THEN after that we went straight to my sister's house. She offered to watch C and R while Troy and I went to a wedding reception, and then she wanted me to try to teach her kids how to knit. By the time that last activity started it was after 8:00 and we were all near tears, so despite the deep sadness of the girls we abandoned the effort. We'll try again soon. After that we finally came home to a very messy house. I'm leaving with the kids in the morning to go to St. George to see Peter and Sheri and their new baby, so I had much to do. I didn't start reading to the kids until 10:00. C was trying so hard to listen to the story - I kept turning my head to see him trying desperately to keep his eyes open and failing. Finally he started crying with frustration. I asked what was wrong and he tearfully told me that he couldn't see anything. I told him that was because his eyes were closed. He said, "I know! They don't work at all!" His little eyes were closed for this whole conversation - it was pretty funny.

So now I am being crazy and blogging when I should either be sleeping or getting ready for the trip...I can't help it. I think I'll go to bed. The kids will sleep in and I'll get ready in the morning, I suppose!

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Nick said...

Hi Quimby, I hope you don't mind me jumping on your blog I saw yours off of Ookies and I got so excited to see what you were up too. You and your family are so adorable and I am having so much fun sitting here reading all about you. Please send me your blog info so I can add you to mine if you would. I am kind of new at this and have no idea how to do that from here. anyway you are awesome.
Ditto (