The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, November 16, 2007

St. George

Now that we've been home almost a week, I thought I might write about our trip last weekend! While I was on the trip I kept thinking of all the funny little incidents that I wanted to blog, but now that it's been so long and I have a head cold, that information has departed my puny brain. And my little RAP has been quite a challenge this week. QUITE a challenge. That probably started with the trip, because of course I couldn't keep her from having naps in the car, and that plus the excitement of the trip made her so hard to get to bed. I am really glad I went. I took the kids down on Friday. The rest of the family was coming on Saturday and going back home on Sunday, and I didn't want the kids to do that drive twice in two days. The drive down went pretty well, though it is hard to drive and parent at the same time. I had looked online for a motel that had an indoor swimming pool, and found one on St. George Boulevard. It was kind of an extended-stay deal, and it was pretty slimy. But, it was cheap and had a pool. I went swimming with the kids three times in twelve hours, and they loved it. We got some park time with Peter and Sheri and baby Siena before the hoards arrived, which I was so glad about. Sheri's sister got married that weekend, so her family was totally crazy with wedding stuff plus the blessing on Sunday. They were a little short on time. So Friday afternoon at the park was fun, plus we made the obligatory visit to the Pizza Factory. Can't go to St. George without a visit to the Pizza Factory! I have to share my favorite park moment - though you'll think poorly of me because it made me laugh. R was happily climbing all over the playground equipment by herself, and decided to take one of the slides headfirst. At least I think that's what happened - I wasn't looking until I heard her crying. She was sitting at the bottom of the slide with a face-full of wood chips. I've never actually had to pull those things out of one of my kids' noses before. Her mouth and nostrils were pretty packed with them. Luckily the injury wasn't serious and once I had excavated her orifices she was ready to play again. There was also a very good moment at the Pizza Factory. If you've been there you know about their gigantic breadsticks served wrapped around a dowel and standing upright in a pewter mug. We ordered one for each kid and when they arrived their eyes lit up like someone had just handed them the best treat in the world. C went to gnawing on his like corn on the cob, and R took to hers like it was a lollypop. Luckily I brought the camera.

On Saturday morning after another swim, some mediocre "continental breakfeast" and checking out of our very questionable motel, we played at the park some more until my parents arrived with my husband. We met up at Smith's to do some shopping, where R fell asleep on my shoulder as we were shopping. She was so wiped out. Margaret and her girls arrived shortly thereafter and we took off to hang out at my uncle's condo. It was a nice afternoon. We enjoyed some banana cream pie to celebrate my niece's birthday, we talked a lot, we ran around the back yard where R fell and cried for the next three days about her scrape. (That is not an exaggeration, by the way.) Peter and Sheri joined us, and I eventually took C, R and one niece to the dinosaur track museum on the north side of town. Then we all trooped off to dinner and then we crashed Sheri's sister's wedding reception. We heard there was going to be a chocolate fountain and we just couldn't stay away!

Sunday was the blessing, and Peter did a very nice job. Siena is a sweet chunk of a kid who seems really mellow and happy to be alive. We enjoyed some lunch at Sheri's parents' home. They were so nice - after throwing a big old wedding, to have us all over too seemed like it would be too much, but they're so gracious and fun. They aren't that much older than Troy - it's kind of a weird thing. Sheri is the oldest in her family and Peter is the youngest, so there's some funny age things like that. Sheri has siblings that are the same age as Margaret's kids, Troy and Margaret are only like five years younger than Sheri's parents...kind of funny. Anyway, it was a nice trip. We really missed Adam and his family - our entire family hasn't been all together since Peter got married 2 1/2 years ago! I don't think we'll get the chance again until next summer. So, great trip.


Monica said...

Romney is the cutest little thing! I just LOVE her! And those bread stick things look amazing! I guess the next time we pass through St. George we will have to try out the Pizza Factory!
Well - I also needed to tell you that "Tag - You are it". Go to our blog to see!

Carrie said...

mmm, I love the pizza factory, I might have to talk Cache into going there tonight. It looks like you guys had fun, vacations are always a great time.

Nick said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I am craving those breadsticks now. I love them. You have such cute kids.