The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


About 10 days ago my cousin Monica sent me a note that said I was "it" and to go see her website. She's such a faithful blogger - I love her! So I guess there's this thing going around where you tag someone and they have to write six interesting things about themselves on their blog. I'm sitting here in my late-afternoon haze, noticing how exhausted I am just because I actually sat down. I can not think of anything interesting to mention. Let's see...I'm only on my first diet coke today? Not that interesting. Okay. I'm going to try.

1.) ...
...still sitting, staring at the screen, watching the cursor blink...

I know! I was once on a t.v. game show in Korea. I was on my mission, and the t.v. station there needed some foreigners to join in a competition so they called the office and about eight of us spent the day recording the show. We played games, I jumped rope and did a tongue twister, and we sang a song. I was flat and sounded horrible. That was my 15 minutes of fame.

2.) I can curl my tongue into a clam-shell shape. Those crazy Romney genes, you know.

3.)My inner soul is a singer. In actuality I can't sing very well at all, but whenever I see someone singing with all their heart and guts I'm so jealous. I wish I could sing like that. Maybe when I'm dead.

4.) My grandmother's name was Oa. Two letters. O. A. I kind of love it and would like to pass it on, but she threatened us all with many curses if we did that. Now you know how she felt about her name.

5.) I no longer like playing Monopoly. I used to love it until I grew up, got married and bought a house. Now that game gives me ulcers. How interesting is that? I know, not very.

6.) Okay, one more. I'm the most compulsive list maker I know. I keep a running list of "to-do's" and my joy in life is crossing things off. I'm sure I have many friends in this club-o-nutties. I think it has something to do with the fact that as a stay-home-mom I have very few chances to feel like I've completed a task. There is ALWAYS laundry in the basket before I'm done putting the last laundry-day load away. There is ALWAYS something I forgot to buy at the store. So far, I have not been able to check off "raise kids." That one isn't even on the horizon.

So all in all, not too interesting, but there you go. And whoever reads this...TAG! You're it!


napalmbrain said...

You're a more compulsive listmaker than DAD?!?! Uh, I don't thiiink so. But I think we of the Leonard Romneys all got a little of that in us.

Anonymous said...

So maybe we all make lists, but where the heck did we get our tricky tongues? All of us can clam shell, right? And twist? Because Dad can't. Maybe talent gets more intense with each generation. Kate can also touch her tongue to her nose, and twist BOTH WAYS! ew. Clam shell is one thing but twisting both ways is just freaky.