The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Blessed Doorknob

We have lived in our house almost 10 years. A fact that hardly seems possible, but it's true. Another difficult to imagine fact is that in all our years here, our bedroom closet has never had a doorknob. It's a cool old door, possibly not originally assigned to a closet, but there it is. Lacking a knob, we never could keep it shut. It's always open at least a little, and the door had a couple of holes where a doorknob should have been. Stomper, as a wee lad, used to love to stuff things like wads of kleenex down the doorknob holes. Well, as Troy was finishing the closet, he mentioned the door to his coworker, the honorable Mr. Steve Burnett, who just happens to live in a very old farmhouse in Layton, and who just happens to have a box of antique doorknobs in his attic. Due to his and his wife's generosity that box now contains one less doorknob. And due to Troy's hard work, the doorknob is now stripped of paint and has working parts. And now our closet door finally shuts. You can't perhaps understand the pleasure I feel while cleaning up my room, to open the closet door, place my shoes neatly on a cedar shelf, and then shut the door. I am a very happy lady.


Gina said...

I understand the joy that comes from closing closet doors and the beautiful details like antique doorknobs. I love the hinges and doorknobs in our house. Now if I could just figure out a good way to clean in all of those delicate detailed designs of the knobs. They get a little gross.

Keersten said...

Holy hinges, Batman! That doorknob is GORGEOUS! Many congrats on a much deserved house victory!

Carrie said...

yay, for door knobs! It is beautiful. I thought it was a picture of one of the temple door knobs.

When we first moved into our house downtown half of the doors didn't have any doorknobs, and even some doors were missing. I thought this weird. later we went through the house next door which was the same floor plan and built by the same person. I noticed that the man that owned this house had a few doors and door knobs that he was stripping and re-finishing and going to put into the new addition they had built. After we moved out, it finally clicked that those were OUR doors and door knobs, he totally stole them out of the house before we moved in, he broke into the abandoned house and took them, so they would match his existing hardware and doors, The jerk, It still irritates me, can you tell?

Windybrook Spinner said...


Kate said...

That is a very nice doorknob! How generous of Troy's coworker! I know that satisfaction that comes with having a working house, doorknobs and all. After living in student housing for so many years, it is awesome to now have a house with doors on the closets (our closets at BYU had no doors), a garage, a garden, a dishwasher! Etc, etc! Yay! I am so happy for your new lovely closet!

Kath said...

Wow! That is beautiful! Sam has forbidden me to see your closet as it may result in a closet overhaul of our own!