The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Mouths

I have mentioned that Stomper seems to be exceeding expectations in the loose teeth department - four at once! Well, yesterday when I went to pick him up from school he was flushed with excitement to show me the itty bitty tooth he had in a plastic baggie. I guess (like his mom) he just can't leave well enough alone and wiggled that tooth incessantly until it was dangling by just a thread, so Miss Trista encouraged him to just yank it. He's braver than I thought, because he did it. He was so excited for the tooth fairy last night that he started asking to get in his jammies by 5:00, and begged for no stories before bed. He also triumphantly showed me his prized coin at 5:00 this morning. It was pretty cute, though viewed through very blury eyes. We gave him one silver dollar. Is that too much? I don't know. All he wanted was "a coin." So, he got one. Little does he know that it's the best one!

Anyway, later that day in a friend's back yard, Bitty decided it would be a good idea to put a towel around her head and start running around. Just for the record, that's actually a bad idea. She tripped and of course did the land-with-your-teeth-on-your-lip thing. Not so nice. Luckily the otter pops were near by. Witness the day's somewhat gory results:

I guess yesterday's events inspired Stomper, because he started wiggling that next wiggly tooth with much fervor. He came to me, not long after waking up, somewhat alarmed, as he had wiggled it so hard that he kind of...(yuck) broke the tooth away from the skin a little. Come on, I know you're all cringing with the memories of the sound of your own baby teeth start to come out. I'm getting the heebie jeebies myself. Well, not one hour later, Stomper just yanked that one out as well. That one was a little more gross, as you see. He and I made jokes all day about the tooth fairy having to come over two nights in a row. I told him not to be surprised if he heard someone in the middle of the night say, "Oh MAN! Not another one!" He thought that was hilarious and giggled profusely, thus showing off his now formidable gap, which he insisted on drinking through all day. Good thing I had a few straws on hand.


Carrie said...

you're right my tummy does get a little queasy thinking about the cracking, popping, and squishing of loosing teeth. ewww.

I will not show "E" this post, she will be devastated because she keeps waiting for her teeth to become loose, but nothin is wiggling yet.

Adam said...

Smith, as you know, thinks Chase is pretty cool and now keeps thinking that his teeth are loose....they're not even close! School out yet?