The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cousins Cousins

We sure have enjoyed having our cousins around over the holidays. I am sad writing this because they're mostly gone now! Peter and his wife have been living in SLC for since the springtime, and now they have moved to St. George, plus Adam and his family left for home today. Wahh! We've had such a good time getting together. Over Christmas the four siblings got together for some serious conversation and some serious Korean food - that was great to be together. And we've had lots and lot of playdates. Stomper spent the night with his cousin Smith one night, and we had Adam's kids over here several times. It was especially fun to be around Rosey, baby number three in the trio o' granddaughters born last summer. She is the cutest little thing! Peach fuzz head and the widest smile ever. So fun.

I never did give a gift to either of my sisters-in-law when their babies were born, so I really wanted to give them each something over the holiday. I thought it would be cute to find a little outfit in triplicate so each baby could wear one and (of course) we could take some pictures. Well, it turned out to be much harder than I thought to satisfy my idea of a cute outfit for all three girls and I almost didn't get it together in time before everyone migrated away. Just in the nick of time I pulled it together. I'm still not sure how cute the outfits are, but I like them.

Oh how I love how different these three girls are. They don't look related at all!

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Margaret said...

How is it there are so many sets of three girls in our fam? I didn't realize it before I saw these pics. And how was it we didn't get a pic of the original 3 grand-teens in there too? Next time I will bribe them into submission, and we will catch their gorgeous mugs with their gorgeous cousins.