The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I don't know what to call this post. All I know is that I want to post something as quick as possible so that the previous picture is not the first thing you see when you pull up my blog anymore. I have such lovely friends, don't you think? I just have to say one thing, and forgive me for saying so; I will be happy to stop sporting the chest of a nursing mother when the time comes. Okay. Sorry for talking about my chest. Just had to say. Moving on.

Here is a picture of my haircut:

And now, I must report on two things that my children have said in the past couple of months I forgot to post.

Stomper is growing up and learning how to be funny with his parents. He was in the kitchen playing with a dinosaur. Troy playfully approached him for a massive tickle/wrestle/hug and Stomper pointed the dinosaur at him. He said, "Dad, I'm holding a t-rex and I know how to use it!" Troy got a good laugh out of that.

And Bitty. This is gross, but necessary to report. She was chatting with me and casually told me that you shouldn't eat other people's boogers. Correct, my dear. "You're right, Bitty, that's really gross." She replied, "Yeah, I tried eating one of Bundle's and it was cold!"

Are you sick now? Sorry, I just had to get that down for posterity.


Gina said...

You do have lovely friends! and I miss them all so so much. You're hair is sassy. I like it.

Michelle said...

Love your haircut. And I must say, I don't miss the nursing chest look. But the post-nursing chest look doesn't seem to be working for me either. :) Bitty reminds me of Ainsley. The day I found previously-chewed gum from the floor of the school auditorium in her mouth is a real highlight. Also, I still have Bundle's blanket. I guess that's a sure sign that I'm only a virtual friend/stalker.

Carrie said...

I hate nursing chests too, I just posted a picture of me in D.C. and I have the nursing bazookas and I cringe every time I look at it. I could never have boob job.
I seriously laughed so hard after reading Bitty's booger story. Hilarious. i hate when booger's are cold

Melissa said...

That's pretty gross, and yet comforting in a way. I'd hate to think that my kids might be the only disgusting ones out there. Also love the hair! Are we having brunch anytime soon?

tiffrsmith said...

Love the hair and the cute kid stories. Am I the only one who misses my nursing chest?? I looked hot!

jefferies said...

CUTE hair!!! And hang in there with the smog...either that, or move up here!!! Hahahaha! But if you decide to let me know...because we may decide to move back next summer for a fellowship.

Julie said...

Love the look! Bet it looks even better in person... :)

Misty said...

Very cute new do... Don't you just love a new haircut? Seriously.

Bella said...

i cannot stop laughing!!! i so needed that!!!!!

Bella said...

oh, i should clarify...i am laughing about the chest, the t-rex and the boogers.

i am LOVING the haircut!!!!!!!!!