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The Preslar Family
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

My Year in Facebook Status Updates

No one has to read this post. I just couldn't help blogging this, though. I found a way to get all your status updates for the last year and I'm putting them down for posterity. Well, they won't care either. I'm putting them down for me. Here goes.

Rachel Romney Preslar:

…is loving Kyle Whittingham, …thinks that it is just taking so long, …is wishing the movie were starting sooner, …is California or bust, …is home.

…is sipping tea. Mmmmm, …thinks Kevin Kline does a great Cyrano, …is ready to go to sleeee........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, …is eating her weight in ganache, …is recovering from taking her kids swimming, …is ....uh.....welll.....huh. Not sure.

…is up early and is still going to be late, …is watching her husband assemble the 7,000 pieces of a new IKEA bunkbed. Poor dude, …has no idea how to parent my children, …has experienced kite flying mayhem with six small children.

…is thinking that Yo Gabba Gabba was weird enough without Jack Black. Time to turn of the tv, kids! …is noticing that as happy as yesterday was, today is as grumpy. I love three year olds.

…thinks having a sinus infection while being almost 39 weeks pregnant is not fair. Also her baby needs to flip the right way by Monday or ELSE!!! …is heading out the door to see if we can get this baby turned head down. Thanks for all of the well wishes, ...has a good baby who decided to flip the right way all by herself. Now let's see if she can stay that way! …is 39+ weeks...come on, Baby! …is putting spicy noodles to the test.

…thinks she might actually get to shower today, …is wondering what that strange bright orb in the sky is,…just might be drowning. Ask me again tomorrow.

…is noticing that 11:05 on a Saturday night is not too late to finish her daughter's blessing dress for tomorrow. Holy procrastination, Batman!

…is happy to welcome two new nieces into the world, but is pretty sure that my baby is the best one! …just got back from 500 days of summer and already has the soundtrack, …is wondering why it's always the morning after I stay up really late that the kids decide to get up at the A**-crack of dawn, …loved Julie and Julia, and has the best baby ever, …should check to see if she's logged in and not her husband before posting that she wants her mommy. Sorry Troy. He's fine without his mommy, …has almost recovered from the big day. Not quite, …can not turn off her brain, so I guess it's good morning, …is about to attempt the birthday cake, …just savored an omelet made with sauteed mushrooms and shallots, Swiss cheese all the way from Wisconsin, and topped with a Brandywine tomato from the back yard. Heaven, …Has just made her first ever school lunch. And sent off her first ever 1st grader, …just pulled two perfect loaves of garlic rosemary bread out of the oven. In the words of Uncle Jimmy, "Oh Mamma!" …Awesome. I just spent the ENTIRE day doing laundry. It's 11:00 at night, I just put the last of it away, put the last pillowcase on the last pillow, and my son gets up to tell me he wet the bed. I quit.

My kids have not yet learned the fine art of sleeping in, …has alone time. Woah, …is looking at the tent in the back yard which is glowing with lantern light as Troy is reading to the kids before a camp-out, …Go Hubby Go!!!!!! …has learned that at the Iceberg, there's nothing mini about the mini, …picked up her knitting needles for the first time since about June 2nd. Turns out I didn't forget how to do it! …is going to give Glee one more chance, …is glad this day is almost over. Un. Re. Len.Ting, …is wondering what happened to that nice empty calander page, …has decided that dinner outside in the cool evening air with candles, flowers, friends and tasty food isn't a bad way to go. Especially if chocolate chip cheesecake is part of the deal, …is starting the 3rd kitchen deep clean of the day, …is losing the battle to save her sourdough starter, …Did not love the movie "Adam" as much as she was hoping too, but still thought Hugh Dancy was pretty good. She DID love hanging with Misty as much as she was hoping too. Thanks for the loan, Mike, …is wondering why it's always on the tuna fish days that Chase decides to leave his lunchbox at school over night, …is missing the middle ground.

…is loving a quiet morning with multi-grain French toast, buttermilk syrup & fresh peaches, and doesn't really care what her kids are doing, …just had the LONGEST Sunday ever. Praise bedtime, …is feeling very grateful for a school day, …knows it's going to be a good day when her baby is ready for her first nap before the other kids get up, …has a major announcement: One Bundle, age 4 months, 3 days, just rolled over for the first time. (Front to back.) Go get the video camera and scrapbook supplies! …is enjoying a refreshing Gatorade after an exhausting tour of all the local 40th birthday surprise parties. Never thought I'd go to more than one of those in one night! I'm parched! …is wondering if the trip to Hires was maybe not so helpful in the quest to shed the baby weight, …started a project she definitely should have waited until to tomorrow to start. Classic me! …appreciates her parents for helping her do a major kitchen muck out today. Thanks! …thinks October gets really expensive, …loves reading a good book and hitting that moment called the point of no return. Sorry everyone! I am not putting this book down until I finish it!

…has a home that is officially FILLED with baby paraphernalia, …is watching her daughter discover her ears, …is exhausted but doesn't want to go to bed because it will just make tomorrow start all the sooner. Nooooo!!!!!!! …is off both Diet Coke and chocolate and is wondering what else there is to live for. Dang baby! Just kidding. She's worth a little suffering,
…is watching her daughter eat Indian spinach. Spinach! Are you hearing me people??!?!
…finally figured it out, …is just about to descend into the basement to retrieve the large boxes of Christmas paraphernalia. Deep breath. Here we go, …has uncovered an evil plot masterminded by her daughters to kill her. What else would they have in mind when they wake her up 8 times between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.?

…just recieved the season's first greeting card - yay! I love getting Christmas cards! …has just addressed Christmas cards while sitting in front of a fire, sipping postum and watching Christmas Vacation. Now that's Christmas for you! …is seriously bummed, …has completely lost all parenting skills and probably her mind too, …loves it when the dishwasher is already full and there are enough dishes in the sink to make up an entire second load, …wonders how the movie ended, but doesn't mind coming home to help out hubby and baby, …has a major Christmas/Baby's not sleeping/Head cold/crazy kids not in school headache. It's an 800 mg kind of day, …is starting the wrapping, having OCD madness over all the tiny plastic objects now scattered all over her house. What was Santa thinking? …loves The Weepies, now and forever more. Sigh...

Happy New Year and a merry 2010 to everyone! We'll see what status updates come our way over the next 12 months.


Michelle said...

How did you do this? I've been wanting to do this, but I'm too lazy to rewrite them all. Can this count as a journal? :)

Melissa said...

That's really cool. If I were on facebook, I would want to do that too!

ghd3 said...

do tell -- how did you get these?

RLRP said...

So this was actually a total pain to do. I saw on facebook that there is an application to do this, but that it only lets you do about 10 or 15 of your updates. So I just copied and pasted each statement into word, edited and then pasted into a post. I'm not sure where to find the app - a friend had done it. Keep your eyes out on facebook.

Margaret said...

I so need to check your fb page more often. I had no idea you had so many status updates. Hmmm, methinks my settings might be strange . . . Hope to meet you there more often this year, sis.