The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Sludge Age

You've heard of the Stone Age, the Iron Age and perhaps even Old Age. I imagine you've never heard of the Sludge Age, but if you've ever had a kid, you'll know what I'm talking about. Bundle has hit her seventh month mark, and we are now delving into the world of solid foods. She will not tolerate me spooning anything into her mouth whatsoever, and so I kind of just gave up on solids for a while. But then a friend suggested I find things that she can feed herself such as baby cheetos (we're super health-conscious around here,) graham crackers, and little things like that. Bundle is in heaven. She can't get enough of them. Now I just put her in her once-was-clean-but-now-is-totally-goopy exersaucer, tie a bib on her which, by the way, has on it a completely obnoxious proclomation that she "Is A Diva," and hand her something to eat. She goes crazy. Jumping, cooing, laughing, growling, slapping the tray; crazy with joy. She then gums the thing into oblivion except for a slimy layer of sludge which coats everything in her wake. The sludge seems to dry instantly into a hard coating that you couldn't remove with a jackhammer. Bathtimes have become more frequent and laundry has become more abundant, if that is possible. And I have one happy seven month old baby.

Bundle has started to pick up on the fact that she can get a reaction out of her people by doing funny things. She plays this little game, which I once saw my big sister teach her baby and I have done with each of my own babies ever since. It goes like this. I say, "Nigh'night!" and she lays down her head. Then I say, "G'morning!" and she pops back up. Here is Bundle playing with me while also being distracted by her new best friend, the dog. He, by the way, LOVES the Sludge Age.

Bundle's other new favorite is to make this funny growly growly sound. She used to growl when she was giving me her 'angry cry.' "Mom, I am officially ticked off. Now pick me up." But then she figured out that she can make that noise whenever, and it's kind of funny! So here is a video of me making a complete ninny of myself trying to get her to growl, and finally succeeding!


Margaret said...

Yes, that original - ni'night, g'morning baby was entertained for HOURS one day while I helped a friend move by me just placing a continuous stream of yogurt, cheerios, egg yolk, etc on her tray while she sludged her self silly with happiness.

She's now in her impeccably designed bedroom listening to Ella Fitzgerald, avoiding homework, and planning her stunning outfit for tomorrow.

Sheri said...

Pete taught that to Siena! I didn't realize it was a family game! And shhh...don't tell anyone but Cara is also in the "Sludge Age". She absolutely goes insane trying to eat our food so I gave up. She's had breadsticks and rolls and today she had big pretzels which instantly soiled her cute outfit. How funny I would read your post today!

Cullen said...

My favorite part is the bib proclaiming she is a diva! Great mental image!!

(Please let Troy know that I purposely used two exclamation marks on my comment . . . for his benefit!)

Melissa said...

Oh, the sludge age. The bane of babyhood. Why I hate moving on to solids and procrastinate as long as I possibly can! Love the videos of Emma.

Windybrook Spinner said...

Oh. My. Word. She is darling. If only she would sleep. I'm very sorry.