The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

8 Months and Miserable

I was hoping to post some really cute happy jolly pictures of our little Bundle to celebrate the completion of her 8th month today, but alas, those pictures will have to wait. Happy and jolly she is not. As I predicted, she was unable to avoid catching the Preslar cold and is now so sad looking that she actually made Bitty cry in the car today on the way to ballet class. Bitty looked over at her little sister, sitting there so pathetically, her mouth and nose and eyes dripping and puffy and red, and said, "Mom, she looks really sick!" and started crying. I nearly cried myself. I know a cold is no big thing and we'll be recovered in a day or two, but until then I think we'll all be a little miserable. Having a sick baby is the worst! Observe:

Sad, right? In fact, I think I need to post a picture I took a couple of days ago when she looked more like herself. She was cheerfully spreading food all over her high-chair tray. I'm having such a time getting this kid to eat! She will not touch baby food, and I'm having trouble finding things that are not just 100% carbs to feed her. So I mixed sweet potatoes with ramen noodles. Kind of icky, but she got into them and a few even got into her!

Awwww. I remember that happy little bright eyed babe of mine. She's great at sitting up, great at rolling over onto her tummy, but can't get anywhere from there but really irritated and upset. No where near crawling, I'd say. No worries. As soon as she can crawl I'm in real trouble!


Melissa said...

Oh, she does look so sad and pathetic. I always feel so bad for a sick baby. Good idea on the food. If you come up with any other great ideas please pass them along.

Windybrook Spinner said...

So pitiful! I should have photographed Tater on Sunday. He looked just like that except his eyes were really red and practically gooped shut. Poor babies.

steph said...

Ughh. I hate it when the kids are sick and it seems like they've had something or another thing almost continuously since August. So I feel your pain. Bundle's hair sure looks red in that top photo!