The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cookies, Eggs and Socks

That has a ring to it, doesn't it? I mean, when don't cookies, eggs and socks go together?

Friday afternoon my mom invited over me and the kids for a little afternoon playdate. She kept the big kids busy making a few cookies while I let Bundle play with their fabulous collection of Russian eggs. And I finished the socks I've been working on. For a year. Yes, the most expensive socks on the block, I'd say. The yarn was like $18 or something, plus a year of actually knitting them makes me wonder if I should even wear them or just frame them and look at them. They're very thick and cozy; I love them already. Just remind me to wait a while before I knit anything on size 1 needles again, and especially not when I'm going to be having a baby. Because those two factors kind of quintupled the time until they were finished.

Bundle spent her time stirring the eggs in the basket:

And the big kids took over the kitchen in a cloud of flour and very sticky dough that made for better picking at than actual cookies:

An afternoon well spent, I'd say....until the kids got into the valentines chocolate....and started climbing the furniture and whooping like gibbons at the zoo....then it was time to leave.


Windybrook Spinner said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Beautiful socks. Good job. Guess what? You can buy sock yarn that costs even more. Amazing, huh? Someday I want to try some that have cashmere in them. =)

Bella said...

how fun! you guys are so dang crafty! way to go!

Cullen said...

Ummm . . . what is a "gibbon"?

Misty said...

I'm so glad your mommy is home to take care of you guys. :)

Julie said...

You are one seriously talented girl! :)