The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Husband, Some Hotshot

He's such a smarty pants, and it's hilarious.

Last week I made a faux-pas. We have a favorite beverage and keep a case of them around at all times to ward off the afternoon 'snackies.' Gotta love the black cherry and citrus Fresca. My faux-pas was major. I thought I had put a can of Fresca in the fridge to chill for later. Later, I took it out and drank it. Apparently Troy had put a can in the fridge too and I drank his. I swear I put one in too, but the point is that when Troy came down to fetch his frosty and refreshing beverage there were none to be had. And I was in trouble. I begged for mercy, insisting that I really had put one in there, and then mentioned that perhaps he should write his name on his or something.

Cheeky. When I next went to the case to get a can, what do you think I found?

Funny guy.


bella said...

LOVE him!!!!!!!!

Cullen said...

That's why Troy is the MAN!! Props to you for recording the moment on camera!

Julie said...

Clever. LOL :)