The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, March 05, 2012

(...but wait, there's more!) Blogorama Chapter 6: Bundle's Biggering

Another huge part of the last month has been the accomplishments of Bundle.  Not all of these tasks were taken on of her own will, and some were down right sneaky bait-and-switch tactics brought about by her conniving parents, but she is growing up.

All three of my children have been serious binky-users.  Serious as in we have three or four (or more) on hand at all times, and we keep them in The Binky Box (it's a proper noun).  As each of my children has aged, each one growing nearly permanently attached to the binky sprouting from their mouth, I have known with growing dread that at some point I would have to detach them from it, both physically and emotionally. It's a huge bump in the road that gets a little closer every day until one day you just have to go over it and deal with the aftershocks whatever they may be.  I try to make it a little easier for my kids by at least offering them a trade but it does end up feeling like a bit of a dirty trick.

Here's the proof:

I decided to not film her later when she was crying and asking for new binkys.  Sigh.  Actually, it was definitely not as bad as it's been with the other kids.  Not that it feels great, but I'll say this - taking away a binky is a lot easier than removing a thumb. So I'm still glad we used the binks, and Bundle seems to have made a full recovery.  She's even been falling asleep in her bed by herself the past few nights, which at our house is a major miracle.

In other aspects of toddler aging, want to know how you can tell your daughter is very into potty training? You walk into the bathroom and find this:

"Good job, Lemon Meringue!"

One last note, it only took 2 1/2 years for me to decide it was finally time for Bundle to get a haircut.  I never trimmed one single hair on her head, but when my friend Jeannie was cutting her big brother's and sister's, she had to be a part of it too.  She was so excited to get up in that chair and be a big girl too.  

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