The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, March 05, 2012

Not so much "sledding" as..."grassing."

I'll admit that when I looked at the school calendar and saw a Friday with no school just one week after a full week of half days, I wasn't too excited.  I'm a supporter of full-day school all day every week, just to make it abundantly clear.  But then I saw snow in the forecast and decided to make the most of it.  Ever since our perfectly snowy Christmas Day sledding of...what, FOUR years ago(?!?) we haven't had a sledding day like it. Or nearly as much snow. But with that wintry forecast, my parents' back yard seemed to be calling to me.  Snow!  There's going to be snow!!! Come sledding!  Stomper had a buddy coming over and I invited my friend Emily and her four boys.  I even called my dad on Thursday  morning who told me, "Come on over, there's plenty of snow!!!"  So I packed an entire laundry basket full of snow gear and and snacks and extra changes of clothes.  I hauled four kids and an extra family into my parents' yard, burst through the gate and....looked at a yard that was mostly grass. To be fair, I think the grassy parts were hidden from view from the back porch, but there were some serious bald spots.

And now I ask you, what would you do?  I'll tell you - exactly what I did.  You go sledding anyway.  And it turns out to be really really fun, if slightly muddy.

And that's just the kind of winter it's been.

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