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The Preslar Family
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rest of Saturday

I'm noticing that there have been some side-effects to the invention of the digital camera.  One of those things is that you never hear husbands and wives frantically asking each other, "Did you put film in the camera?"  Haven't heard that one in years.  Another effect is that we have all developed happy trigger fingers and we take millions and billions of pictures.  We can't help ourselves.  So forgive me, but you're about to see some more pictures of Bitty dancing. She has a little performance class every few months and we just have to photograph it.  I for one just love shots of little girls in dance class.  There's just something about them.  It's so Degas of me, I know.

Today after Ben's ride I zoomed home to throw Bitty in her dance gear and Stomper in his soccer uniform.  While I was doing that, Troy was making a hasty exit from Emigration canyon in order to get home just in time to take Bitty to dance.  He took the camera with him, which is great, although I have to say after several years of my son's team losing every soccer game they play in (okay, I think they won one last...spring?  The fall before?  I can't recall.) they had a really good start to the season and actually tied instead of losing.  This means that actual goals were scored, which hasn't always been the case.  Let me rephrase.  Has almost never been the case.  Anyway, I sort of wished I had the camera.  Stomper was really playing his little heart out, and though he still doesn't have the really athletic moves like some of his teammates, I was really proud of him and enjoyed watching the game.  I do love our little team so very much.

So yes, Bitty had a little dance thing today and Troy took some pictures.  She was a little tired after our early start so there are some funny shots of her being sleepy.  But some other fun ones too.

After hanging out in the afternoon listening to General Conference and playing around, I noticed that a) the kids were bored and starting to argue and b) there was a pretty stiff breeze going on in the out of doors.  I decided to be brave and get out the kites.  We have a couple of kites that I think were made more for looking at than actually staying aloft, but we decided to give them a try.  What better way to end the month of March than to go fly a kite?  We headed back to Lindsay Gardens (yes, some merry-go-round action took place as well) and spent the breezy evening trying to get kites in the air. Stomper has this big dragon kite and it is just hopeless.  It needs to become a permanent back-porch decoration or something.  But the other one, which looks like either an airplane or a flying fish, did pretty well. (Who cares what it looks like, by the way, but the kids seem to find it important to fight about it.) We never got it really soaring for more than a few minutes, but it was up long enough to count as UP.  The kids loved it.  There is something magical about holding onto that tiny little string and feeling the forces of nature tugging away at you.

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Swimmingmom said...

What a cute girl, Rachel. I love when girls are dressed in traditional ballet attire. So cute. Miss you guys.