The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Could Have Been Worse

So what would you do if your sweet little three year old daughter was at a friend's house and while you were taking a few quiet minutes to sit and read a book you got a phone call from your friend that began with a long pause and then the comment, "Well....., no one's hurt but.....we have had a little incident."  Ack!  I'm sure my friend was terrified to tell me that my girl had located a pair of scissors in an artkit and done what most kids do at some point in their lives. She gave herself a haircut.  Now, my very first reaction was horror and shame because I was sure that she had done something wretched like tinkle on her carpet or curse or something, so it WAS a little scary.  But as soon as I heard that it was her hair, I started to laugh.  And laugh.  And feel SO glad that it didn't happen at my house.

Yes, little Bundle has a new hair-do.  But it could have been so much worse.  I mean, when Bitty did it, she skipped the scissors and went right for a razor which she dragged up the back of her head leaving a nice smooth bald patch but miraculously no blood.  It looked pretty weird for while.  Bundle could have done the thing where she hacked her bangs off to mere stubble but instead she just took a nice big hunk off by each side of her face.  A bob it is then!  Okay, there is one little spot where she got pretty darn close to her head and thus is currently sporting one sideburn-looking thing, but thanks to her curly fluffy hair you can't really tell.

The real stroke of luck was that after school today I just happened to be babysitting the son of my dear friend who does hair.  I called her up and requested that she bring her fancy scissors with her when she came to get her boy and she gave us the best 10 minute kitchen hair cut I have ever seen.  Admittedly, part of me has been a little sad all day long knowing that Bundle's long curls were going to go away for a while.  But as soon as Jeannie was done....I fell in LOVE with Bundle in a bob.  It is SO cute and she wasn't sad at all!  Well, I guess she shed a few tears at my friend's house just as her adventure was discovered, but since then she has been thrilled with the results, both her own and Jeannie's! We have had a talk about letting Jeannie do all the cutting from now on, and I certainly hope that sinks in because as much as I love her new little 'do, I sure don't want to see it get any shorter.

I have to post this one little picture off of my phone - it was just three days ago that Bundle had dance class and had her hair all up in a little ballet bun.  As we were leaving to go to pick up kids from school she requested the use of a scarf to go with her new little teal pea coat. (Bundle thinks the name pea coat is hilarious, by the way.  Wonder if you can guess why.) So I wrapped my smallest scarf around her neck and tucked it into her coat and...well, the result was....oh, I am going to miss her ballet bun.


Linda Ross said...

Wow, she is sooo cute!!!

Cullen said...

Hmm . . . feeling a little guilty that I can't see the damage in the "before" photo. Oh well, hair was never my thing. She is looking pretty sassy in her bob cut!

Kate said...

It's SO CUTE!! I love her hair!

bella said...

LOVE the i guess it ended up being a good thing! and i laughed soooo hard that you thought at first maybe she had sworn at the neighbors house, only because sammy's phrase of choice is dammit. i have no idea where she got it from. hmmmmm.