The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, January 25, 2013

I Couldn't PAY Him to Do This at Home

But then again, I don't pay in gelato. Just lousy dollar bills.

Our good friends recently purchased a gelato shop in the avenues - Go Dolcetti Avenues!  It's the best!  You MUST try the waffles! - and last Saturday night I sent Troy and Stomper up there for a little time away from home.  It was one of those long cold freezing days where we were doing nothing but hunkered down all day and by the time it got dark I could sense my husband going into his cave of darkness.  Since I knew that there would be a little jazz duo and really good soup and gelato and friends up at Dolcetti's I pretty much kicked them out the door and I think it did them some good.

Of course it did - how can you go wrong with a bowl of seriously awesome chile verde soup and gelato on the side?  But more than that, I think Troy was just uplifted watching his son.  See, our friends who own the place were there and their cute boys were back in the kitchen helping wash dishes and they invited Stomper to join them. Stomper got SO into it.  Troy said he was back there for the duration of their visit, at least 90 minutes.  Of course, he was being payed every half hour with a fresh little cup of gelato, and I can see how that would be worth doing a few dishes, but I have to say that for several days afterwards he has told me how much fun he had and has asked multiple times if he could return.  Not for more gelato, but for more dishwashing.  Awesome.  I guess all I need around here to get him to cheerfully was a few dishes is a cooler full of gelato!  Not such a bad idea, now that I think about it....

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Cullen said...

Isn't funny how the same job in a different environment becomes entertainment??

'Course, it doesn't hurt to have an industrial sized sink set and sprayer!