The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Something Happened!

So, like I mentioned previously, we have spent the first half of January trying to recuperate from the flu and also trying to just survive the cold and inversion.  And...doing pretty poorly at both.

We're doing better now!  At least for a few days.  Troy and I seem to finally be over the flu all the way. And also I have something to blog about - something happened!  Something outside of the ordinary daily grind, which January has felt like it has been nothing but.  On Thursday our inversion finally blew away followed shortly by the most massive storm we have had in these parts since, I don't know, maybe 2004?  Or so?  It started suddenly on Thursday afternoon and was pretty much a blizzard within 15 minutes.  It didn't stop snowing for two days.  We got pummelled!  It was actually really fun, though I imagine I can say that because we weren't involved in any of the 500 reported car accidents during the storm.  We just pulled our minivan up the driveway and if we needed to go anywhere we took the Jeep or we walked.

Best parts of the storm:

The power didn't go out.  (It did do a week or so ago for several hours and I was very grateful for our wood burning stove that day.)

Speaking of wood burning stoves, we finally got to use ours again. Legally.  We actually weren't supposed to use it during the blackout due to red-burn conditions but we were freezing so we did.  Our wood burning stove is as good for me as one of those fancy mood-lifting light boxes people use to fight off seasonal depression.  It is so cheery and cozy and warm and bright - it doesn't matter how cold and awful a day is, once the sun goes down and we light a fire, my spirits lift immeasurably.

Also, the kids WENT OUTSIDE.  During the inversion we just hunker down inside.  And bicker.  On Friday night Troy went out with the kids in the foot and a half of snow (I know, Bountiful people, that's like HALF of what you got, but still!) and romped and made a fort. The kids still bickered but at least they were outside and I couldn't hear them.  Troy made this big ring-shaped fort for Bitty and she dubbed it Helm's Deep.  Aww.  That's my girl.

We all got a little exercise.  That storm required some serious shovelling!  Of course Troy did the lion's share here - he took good care of us.  But I did some too!  A little.

We didn't get in a car accident.  Or even stuck.  Phew.

So yay, that was a fun storm and a fun weekend.  The inversion will be back this week, so I'll try to not revert back to my depressed and hibernating self but I'm not sure I can help it.  Time for another trip to St. George?

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