The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Update

What with all my commentary on the big kids, I haven't posted any pictures of Bundle for a while! She has been such a good baby so far. Still sleeping well at night, going between four and six hours at a stretch, nursing well, pooping enough, content to hang out in a bouncy seat a couple of times a day, and napping in her bed. It actually seems rather miraculous and I hope she keeps it up. I can't get enough of her. I just have to smell her sweet little neck and kiss her soft cheeks every time I touch her. Happy.

Here's her first real bath a few days ago:

Her siblings are nuts about her. Isn't that nice? Going from two to three kids has been much easier than going from one to two, but that may be partly because Bitty is approaching her 4th birthday this summer, whereas Stomper was coming up on his 3rd when Bitty was born. Doesn't matter. All I know is that I'm not freaking out nearly as badly as I had planned on. (Am I the only person who plans on freaking out?)

Now, I know every parent thinks this, but I swear our kid is already smiling. This cute picture of her looks like she's just a content happy baby. I just missed catching her giving a huge grin to her daddy. It's happened a couple of times now where Troy has been holding her, she's looking into his eyes, and when he says something she just breaks out into a big open mouthed grin. I know, books tell you it is just gas, but I don't believe them!


ghd3 said...

that is ONE CUTE KIDDO! Can't wait to meet her. Glad everyone is doing well. We third children are pretty easy to get along with. :)

Keersten said...

Man, she is so sweet! That picture of her and stomper is too cute.

Misty said...

Beautiful, beautiful baby. You deserve a really good baby. :)

Bella said...

it's a smile! don't believe the books about gas! no one smiles when they have gas! :)

all these pics are so beautiful! i was talking to a friend of mine yesterday that recently had her 3rd too, and she would agree with you....that the third is really pretty easy compared to adding the second one!

Windybrook Spinner said...

She's just darling. I don't believe the "just gas" thing either. I think they can smile that young. Maybe every little grimace isn't a smile, but they can do it when they want.

steph said...

Looks like smiling to me, too! What a good looking kid!

Swimmingmom said...

had i read your post BEFORE i emailed...... glad she is such a good baby for you. she is a cutie! i'd say it's a smile!