The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It Begins.

There has been a line in the sand ahead of me, and I knew I'd have to cross it sometime. It was unavoidable. Crossing it is not a bad thing, but I knew it would change my life forever. That line? Signing up Stomper and Bitty for extracurricular activities. For Stomper, soccer. For Bitty, ballet. They have both been begging and begging me for these classes for a very long time and I'm sorry to admit that I've been putting them off in any way I could. I just knew that once I opened that door we were in it forever. And I know that it's actually a good thing. Especially now that they've both started. It is so fun to see them be so excited about their activities, and so fun to see them participating.

Stomper started soccer on Saturday. I was nervous that he'd be the only kid who had never had five minutes of actual soccer play before. Okay, he and Troy have kicked a ball around in the back yard a little, but nothing to prepare him for running up and down the field with a pack of kids all aiming for the ball at once. There were a couple of kids there who obviously had plenty of experience, but also a bunch of kids with as little as he had. I was so proud of him for sticking with the game pretty much the whole time, for running along with the gang and even getting some really good kicks in. He even kicked the ball in the right direction. Luckily the game was a tie, so there wasn't a loss to start him off, although he didn't seem all too concerned about the score in the end. I'm really pleased.

And Bitty. She, like I said, has been begging me for ballet lessons for at least a year now. I held her off a little bit by having Santa deliver her a ballerina tutu and slippers for Christmas, but now that summer is here and we don't have much going on I thought it would be a good time to start a little class. What a kill. Fifteen little tutu-ed and pony-tailed 4 year old girls all on cloud nine, doing twirls and jumps and pointing their toes; all the good stuff. My heart just about exploded with happiness watching Bitty's look of total ecstasy as she followed every word uttered by her now beloved teacher. Fun.

It is totally worth it to have to get up and get everyone dressed and fed and haul a baby around and feed her in public and all that just to see my kids be happy and active. I totally love it. Of course, we'll see how we're doing in a few weeks. Perhaps the novelty will wear off, but I sure hope not. Sign me up as an official soccer mom!


Melissa said...

Good for you. Very brave to do it with a brand new baby. It gets busy but it is so fun to watch your kids doing things they love.

Gina said...

I too have dreaded the time when those little extas invade our lives. Mostly for the Money!!!! But I know they are good. I had Rowan in Tumbling for a couple of months last year and he still talks about it and thinks he is going back. I might have to give in since we don't even send the kid to Preschool, he is seriously deprived! Your kids are adorable.

Windybrook Spinner said...

Awesome pictures Rach.

tiffrsmith said...

I know I've said it before, but I think you're an awesome mom. How fun for your little ones.

Bella said...

you are the best mom! better to let them pick what they want to do...and beg for it for a year....then you know they are really interested in it! i hope you all have a fun summer of new activities!

steph said...

how fun! I'm impressed you can do anything with a new baby!

Misty said...

I still love the kids' dance lessons, but soccer .... I liked soccer until my next baby was about 1 yrs. old and wouldn't sit still during the game, or the 4 year old would be begging to go play on the playground and would have a fit when I said no since I couldn't be both places at once .... It gets even more fun when 2 or more kids are taking soccer and they have games at different fields at pretty much the same time. I breathe a huge sigh of relief when the season ends. What kind of mom does that make me?? What a downer of a comment! Sorry. :}