The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Spontaneous Family Reunion

We are always so happy when any/all/some of my brother Adam's family comes to town. This time it was just his (very pregnant) wife Whitley and their two kids, S & L. I was certainly not expecting the invitation that Whit extended to us - she stopped by late one afternoon to meet Bundle (she's so darling with babies, she makes you feel like your baby is absolutely the most delicious baby on the planet) and for the kids to play a bit. Then she took Stomper with her to spend the night with them up at her parents' home/cabin in Woodland. Man, was that a treat. Stomper needed a break from me, I needed a break from dealing with three kids, and Bitty needed some special attention from her mom, so it worked out perfectly. Stomper was gone for an entire 24 hours and had a ball. Whit reported that they just played and played and played. Just what the doctor ordered! Thank you! I am so grateful that S. and Stomper have each other - with my side in the family having only two boy cousins, we're so lucky that they are near in age and love each other. I'm so sad they live far away. (Though it sure is fun to visit them!)

Then on Monday night my sister Margaret generously offered to bring me dinner. That was also the last day I'd have to see Whit and the kids so I invited them to stop by any time. Their only chance to do so was that evening, so they were in on the dinner plans. Sheri (Peter's wife) was also really hoping to see Adam's family, so I told her I'd call when I heard from Whitley. Suddenly we had a little family reunion going on! We of course missed my parents, both of my brothers, and only two of the grandkids were missing - two of Margaret's girls. We missed them! But we were lucky to have that many kids together. We took lots of pictures and realized that we were taking one of those shots that would be really fun to look back on some day when all these kids are big.

It was at Christmas time that we took a picture of the three pregnant ladies. We're down to two now! (And they're still way hotter than me!) These sisters-in-law are due pretty much on the same day, so we'll see what happens there. Fun, huh!

Almost all the grandkids! K & H, next time you'd better be there. MG (the biggest girl there) was The It girl - all the little ones were grappling for her attention. Literally. Luckily no one dished out a bloody nose or anything but it was close.

The Sisters, both original and additional, and all dearly beloved by me. I have to say, I'm one lucky lady. It's been especially fun to have Sheri near by again because we've been able to spend a lot of time together.

Well, I'm grateful for family. This weekend we'll get to see pretty much all of Troy's family for Bundle's blessing, and I'm looking forward to that too. Family is a good thing. This is making me excited for Christmas when we'll have two more little babes here plus hopefully all the people that were missing this day. And thanks to my sister for bringing enough food for this troop. Actually, I don't think the kids ate much. They were too busy playing ring around the rosie and whacking each other with the bow and arrows.

The happy hosts. Don't I have a cute husband?


Bella said...

yay for the happy CUTE hosts!!! what a great couple of days. it always makes a difference to have family around. they all sound amazing. so glad you got some time together!

Windybrook Spinner said...

I'm trying very hard not to be jealous, especially since Lainey is leaving. I'm glad you had such a beautiful afternoon together. Family is really the greatest blessing.

tiffrsmith said...

You do have a cute husband. He has a cute wife, too.

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

YOu guys are ALL so cute!