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The Preslar Family
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twilight Thoughts

I think it has now been three years since I was out to dinner with The Misty (we were at Bombay House....mmmmmmm.......) and she and I were chatting up books we were both reading. She told me about a romantic tale by the name of Twilight...never heard of it. She insisted that I had to read it so I ordered it and its sequel New Moon and got to reading. I will confess that I read both books within about four days while my household crumbled steadily around me. I didn't think the books were especially well written, and actually the style was a quite heavy handed. (Yes yes, we know he's gorgeous, but enough about your breath stopping at the sight of him.) But something about those characters and story pulled me to a place of memory and emotion that just exploded. It sure was fun. And it was my own little private escape.

I must say, I'm very happy for Stephenie Meyer, who's daydream has blasted her off into major stardom, wealth and hopefully additional creativity. (Read The Host if you haven't; it's much more grown up and well written.) However, since the entire planet now knows all about Twilight and all it's goofy lovey-doveyness, my own private little escape has been slightly overrun. At least overpopulated. And exposed my silliness to all. Some people feel the same way, some people don't, but everybody knows! Kind of sad.

I did get the chance to go see an early showing of New Moon the other night with The Becky, and I'm not going to deny that it was a treat. Bundle was a perfect little lady and slept right through it, bless her. She must have sensed just how much mommy needed a night out, even if she was tagging along. It was super fun. Much closer in vision to my ideas than the first. One comment to the movie makers: If you're going to fill a movie with someone like Jacob who is so large and brown and lovely, you can't throw a pasty white skinny boy like Edward at us. It just doesn't compare. No offense, Book Edward. Movie Edward needs a wax and a trip to the gym. Okay, I confess. No matter how silly, I will always love it and will continue making a mental trip to the land of Forks when needed.


Bella said...

i think i am the only person who doesn't know anything about twilight...other than there is a girl and a vampire and a wolf. i might have to take a crash course, or something. honestly, i just am so jealous that you went to the bombay house. always an excellent choice!

Misty said...

Poor Bella, just for your name alone you absolutely must read the books. Hello?

It's funny how I consider my obsession over these books to be more "adult" than the screaming teenagers at the movie. And yet, there I was at 12:40am. I absolutely must agree that Movie Edward and Book Edward are two totally different people. I was absolutely cheering for Bella to wind up with Jacob in the movie, and that is never the case when I read the book. It was funny to hear girls screaming when Jacob took his shirt off but it was relatively quiet when Edward did. Poor Rob....

jefferies said...

I must admit that I only decided to read Twilight because of you. When you said you liked it...I though ok, even though it seems like a silly teen novel, if Rach likes it then I better read it.
And I liked the New Moon movie SO MUCH MORE than the Twilight movie. And ditto on the movie Edward. If movie Jacob could hit the gym, why didn't movie Edward? So anti-climactic. And what the heck was up with the Volturi beating up Edward and Alice? I thought no one can beat them because they read minds and see the future?

napalmbrain said...

I gotta get over the chip on my shoulder about the Twilight books. I keep pawning off my distaste for those books as artistic. In whiny voice: oh, they're not well-written, meh, they don't adhere to what a vampire actually is, wah, it's just every shy teen's goth fantasy with an apple on the cover. Blah blah blah.

The actual truth of the matter is that every warm blooded female on the planet, my wife included, is in love with Edward and it comes down to plain old Cain and Abel jealousy. I feel a little bit like that girl's boyfriend in Bye Bye Birdie, the one who ends up socking Conrad B in the face on national TV. Well if Edward plans on showing up in Salt Lake City one overcast afternoon, he'd better be ready to leave with a Grade A shiner on his glittery, pasty white face.

Stupid Twilight.

Keersten said...

That is pretty much my feeling about Twilight exactly.
As far as the movie, I just couldn't do James P. I realized I must be getting old, because he just seemed silly. I can only imagine how that will be amplified next to a well defined wolf-boy. Of course, I'm definitely going to see it. (And secretly enjoy it. Don't tell Mike.)