The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Actual Outing

Poor poor Bundle. She’s so neglected.  When Stomper was her age I didn’t have quite the task list I have these days and we did a little more going out than I do now.  In fact, I was the master of my city; I took that kid everywhere.  We had outings almost every single day.  We hit the zoo, the children’s museum, parks and libraries, story times and puppet shows; we did it all.  And now my poor little baby Bundle hangs out with me all day long while I try to keep up with everything else.  Lucky for her, my friend Krista decided to get us out.  She called me up and we headed down to Thanksgiving Point Farm for some fresh (albeit kinda stinky) air and animal watching.  We’re having some lovely lovely warm weather (thank you, dear February, for that – you’re bringing me out of the January Blues!) and we thought we’d enjoy it out in the open. Of course, we ended up being so cold we could barely stand it, but oh well – at least we were out.  And Bundle just ate it up.  Turns out she likes going out and doing fun stuff!  Who knew!   Even the farm sign, which had a picture of a rooster on it, captured her heart.  Bundle wouldn’t leave the sign to go inside.  Then she really went nuts. Okay, the pony ride took a little warming up to, but after a round or two she got very into it and spent the rest of the day saying, “Neigh neigh! Roun’ and roun’!”  Sadly, our trip was cut short (Krista was going to take me for my first ever trip to Chick-Fil-A for lunch) by a phone call from Stomper’s teacher who declared him to be “absolutely green.”  But despite that, I was so glad to get Bundle out and about.  I’ll have to do it more often – my task list will get neglected and probably even lengthen in the meantime, but who cares.  (Okay, me.  But still.) Somehow I imagine that more outings will do us nothing but good.

 After a few tears she was really very excited to ride...
This Alpaca seriously cracked me up - it really needed a barrette or something - it even kept flipping its hair out of its eyes to see us!


Melissa said...

I was having these same thoughts about my younger kids versus my older ones and feeling all sorts of guilt. That's probably why I attempted story time at the library. Peter gets so excited if he even sees someone put on their coat in hopes that he might get to go out somewhere. Poor kid.

Bella said...

i never think to go i will have to! and i think that bundle is just as lucky as stomper's the time with you that they need! so there. you are good mother after all. :)

Misty said...

Speaking of barrettes, I love that her hair is long enough for pony tails! How cute is she?

Sheri said...

My favorite part of this post was also Bundle's hari. Way to go Momma!