The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Talking Tom Strikes Back

Those of you out there with smart phones may be familiar with a silly little application by the name of Talking Tom.  It's this little game where you get to play with a kitty on your screen.  You can stroke it and make it purr.  You can poke it in the eye, foot or tummy to make it produce comical groaning sounds.  You can pour it a glass of milk. But best of all, you can talk to it.  Tom will listen to you and then repeat whatever you said back to you in a high squeaky voice.  It's pretty hilarious.  And my daughter Bundle is totally mesmerized by old Tom.  If she sees anyone she knows has the application on their phone she gravitates to them immediately and demands "My Cat."  She then proceeds to beat the crap out of Tom, giggling hysterically as she does so.  That is, until Tom struck back.

On Friday night I was lucky enough to take Bitty to a UofU Women's Gymnastics meet (completely fun - will blog later). Troy had met up with a friend to help him out and Stomper was at a birthday party.  Bundle was left at my house with her Uncle Peter and did very well all night long, until about the last 5 minutes when she got very sad.  I returned home, Peter put my crying child into my arms and he and his family left.  (His wife and daughter were at the meet with me.)  With Bundle still feeling very sad, I had to find something to occupy her while I had a quick bathroom break.  As I was rushing through the kitchen I grabbed Troy's iphone and set her up at the table with Talking Tom and scurried off to the bathroom.  I mention the bathroom at all simply so you'll know why I did not run to my daughter's assistance immediately over the next few minutes - for once, the sight of her beloved kitty did not interest or distract her at all.  She started crying again.  Loudly.  Talking Tom heard her, and in a high squeaky voice, repeated her cries back to her.  This terrified Bundle, who started crying louder and harder.  So did Tom.  Emma started wailing.  So did Tom.  Emma curled into a ball and screamed and Tom screamed right back at her.  Is it wrong that as I was conducting my brief business in the bathroom that I was laughing really really hard?  I mean, as soon as I possibly could, I ran to my poor traumatized daughter and rescued her from the Cat gone Crazy, but I was laughing.  Tom really got his revenge.

As a side note, Tom has taken his toll on our other daughter as well - Bitty's hair is getting quite long and she really loves having long hair.  That is, until it comes time to brush it.  Then she does her best to hold still while she lets loose with many cries and moans. She sounds just like Talking Tom when you poke him on his foot.  So when Bitty's moaning, we all (including Bundle) moan back at her in Tom's voice.  Luckily this makes her laugh and eases the brushing nightmare.


Cullen said...

Poor Bundle! To learn about karma at such a tender age!


tiffrsmith said...

We have the talking TRex app at our house. D walks around with is saying "Mommy's stinky!" trying to get it to insult me. Simple pleasures, huh?

Misty said...

My kids love that app and were just laughing as I told them this story. Paige's favorite thing to do to Tom Cat is scream at him.