The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Grand Day Out

Ah sweet March. You're such a tease. I love you for it, though. For giving us just a taste, just a nibble of spring right when we're ready to give up all hope. The past few days have been more like spoonfuls than nibbles of spring. It's been great. One afternoon as the kids had friends over I popped a bowl of popcorn and spread a blanket outside and we all just basked. Well, I basked. Bitty and Stomper did what they always do - they went straight for the dirt. And Bundle experimented the new variety of flavors and textures to be enjoyed (put in her mouth) in the great outdoors. She tells me that grass is okay but dirt is a little gritty. And don't even try keeping that girl away from popcorn. She adores the stuff and will climb any obstacle in her way to get to it. By the way, why do I forget every year that kids burn in the sun? The air is so cool and refreshing, the sun so warm and inviting that I completely forget to sunscreen and I toasted poor Bundle's neck. Sorry honey. I'm now equipped with the sun block and sunhats now. It only takes one sacrificial pale little neck each year to get me back on the ball.

A few photos of our lovely afternoon out:


Windybrook Spinner said...

And then there's today.

Julie said...

I hear ya. My Rachel is also sporting a burn - a real doozy on the face, ears, etc - from Saturday. Sunday we went out AFTER the sunblock. :) So easy to forget... EVERY SINGLE YEAR! :)

Sheri said...

Cara is rocking a tan line on her forehead where her headband goes. It was never bright red but I figure any time you can see where a headband goes on a bald infant...not good.