The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Last Mess!

I've had a month of messes. Serious messes. I have baked cakes for parties. I have made chili for cook-offs (okay, just one of those). I have thrown a party for my husband, I have helped make breakfast for 75 people. It has been a busy month! Then Tuesday night was the culminating feast - our church dinner for the ladies, which I made. It was a lovely evening, and I had great help from many people. Want to see what I came home to that night?

A big ole' mess, that's what. Which is what I seem to be best at making. Luckily it wasn't actually that tough to clean up. And I am officially calling my busy month of cooking done! Done! Wait. I just signed up to cook soup for the teachers next week for parent teacher conferences. Great.

You know, I'm reading this silly little book called "Being the Mom." Nothing deep, just some funny stories and good reminders. I am not sorry I'm making soup next week - I'm remembering to be grateful for my 'have to's.' Making soup for teachers means that there are good teachers out there. I am grateful for a good school for my kids, and I'm grateful to have kids at all. Might as well make soup for what I'm grateful for!

I am certain I can manage soup without creating THIS kind of mess, though, don't you think?


Cullen said...

I certainly hope you do.

And I just want to repeat my opinion of the dinner you made for the Relief Society function: Delish! It was so good that I wanted to sabotage your meeting, and make off with the dinner!

Happily, I resisted that diabolical urge . . . though . . . I still wonder if I made the right choice . . .


Kath said...

I just made soup for our PT conferences a few weeks ago. I have a simple, no-mess recipe if you want it!