The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

We're SOOO Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Troy had two business trips in one this past week. He left on Monday for Scottsdale, Arizona and came home yesterday via St. George. We missed him. A lot. Stomper missed his daddy so much that I was forbidden to mention him because it would make Stomper cry. Awww! I usually do fine without Troy for a night or two but by about night three I'm starting to crack a little. (Speaking of cracking, a cute little boy I know saw me yesterday and recognized me as 'The Lady Who Lives in the Crack House,' because of the cracks in our wood floors! Ha!) Anyway, by yesterday, day 5, I was really starting to lose it. I almost posted a quick entry that would have gone like this:

"Bundle is teething and won't let me put her down and Bitty won't stop playing the same game of pretend with me and Stomper is treating his friends like a jerk right in front of their parents and Bitty was awful in front of that same parent and I can't manage to cross a single item off my to-do list and it's my friend's birthday and I can't get her present to her and we've eating nothing but crap for four days and I just spilled gasoline all over myself and it's been a terrible horrible no-good very-bad day! Waaaaahhhhh!"

That's what I would have posted except that I had to quickly shower while Bundle was sleeping to get the gasoline off of me. Duh. I was at the gas station pumping gas. I heard the little handle click like it does when your tank is full so I pulled the nozzle out. Guess what. It was the car next to me that had finished filling, not mine, so I created a spewing fountain of fuel that soaked me from shoulder to socks. Our house still reeks, though my skin isn't burning any more. My clothing is soaking outside, but I don't think it's going to make it. Poor Troy walked in the door and said, "Why do I still smell the airport?" Sorry honey. Doofy wife here.

Now Troy's at a movie with the big kids. The poor man is enduring Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakual. Good daddy.

Here's another reason Troy is a good daddy. Stomper gave him a little science kit for his birthday. They were working on a project together and found it coming up short of Stomper's expectations so Troy totally rigged the thing to work.

He's awesome. Here's a picture of Troy with some of his friends who came to his 40th birthday party.

This was a while ago but I just wanted to see Troy among this great group of fellows. He's always had such wonderful friends and I think it's a reflection of what a wonderful person he is. Sigh. He's going to start leaving me more often so I'll gush more often.


Cullen said...

So sorry to hear about the gasoline incident! Truly tragic!

Ann said...

Troy, if you ever come to Scottsdale again we would love to see you. We're in next door Mesa. You're welcome to stay at our house too! Phone # is eight zero one two seven two five zero four zero. Yes we still have our Utah phone number (through Vonage).

Melissa said...

I used t o have a car that had a little gasoline issue. If I forgot to let it "breathe", it would spew all over me. Rather unpleasant. I'm glad you survived the days without Troy. That's no fun either.

Windybrook Spinner said...

Rach! That's awful. After five days of no husband, three little kids, and gasoline all over me? I would have sat down in it and cried until some one took me away to the looney bin. You are a stronger woman than I.

Rob & Megg said...

I hear you about the hubby being gone. It's hard to deal with young kiddos day and night with no repreive. Next time (hopefully not, but if) there is a gasoline spill like that just think of yourself doing a "blue steel" pose from that Ben Stiller movie with the gas fight and I'm sure it will make you feel better.

bella said...

the gasoline story just tops off such a pleasant week! yay for troy coming home!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Troy really is a wonderful person...and you are too! I sure hope you don't move to Australia!