The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have entered the baby phase with Bundle in which we are in a Herculean wrestling match at all times. She wants to get down and walk, but she doesn't know she can't walk yet. She wants to grab everything within her visual range, but she doesn't know that there are things that will cut her or burn her. She wants to put everything she touches into her mouth, but she doesn't know that dog hair picked off the carpet is not actually a delicious thing. I guess I'm not sure on that one, having never really tried it, but I'm going with the popular opinion on this one. She also has a knack for locating any chokeable item instantly, zeroing in on it and then lunging for it with all her tiny might. Yeah, I'm not getting a ton done around here.

I would just like to say one thing. Normally, there is no one to blame but myself for the spills and stains you can see dotting my clothing on any given day. In a heroic effort to show his love for me, Troy calls my super-splashy food habits "endearing," but we know the truth. However, yesterday, as I sat at a lovely Thai lunch with my sister, I was engaged in a non-stop battle over noodles, lettuce, chopsticks, beverages, ice, napkins, baby toys, and more with Bundle that did not let up for the entire hour. The food on my clothing? NOT my fault. Yet, still kind of endearing. She'll only be 9 months for about 2 1/2 more weeks, right?


Windybrook Spinner said...

=) You are a joy Rachel.

Melissa said...

This is all sounding so familiar. I'm about ready to hire out diaper changes because I'm tired of the fight.

bella said...

the problem are such a fantastic writer that i look forward to the latest preslar fiasco! not that i want you to be stressed, but dang it is a great read! AND it makes us all feel normal to have you write about what we all can relate to in some way!

Sheri said...

It's like my life but better scripted...I am in the exact same wrestling match with fact as I type this I am so worn out from my day that even though it's only 6:50pm I wish that she was down for the night.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I feel your pain! I just make sure that I still know how to do the hymlic and hope that it will work!

Thanks for the backpack tip! I tried it last night during that horrid hour-before-dinnertime and it worked. Hurrah!