The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy! Birthday!

There you go, folks. THAT's what 40 candles look like. Thanks to Troy's parents Morris & Carol for spending the time planting those candles in the little cake garden there - I guess it must have helped them pass the time with all three of our kids (did you hear that! All three!) while Troy and I went out for dinner at our favorite; Bombay House. Happy Birthday, Troy.

Also celebrating a milestone yesterday was little Bundle, who hit her 9 month mark. Shock. Awe. How does this happen? Time marches on unrelentingly, bringing with it new joys to savor every day and sadness of letting go too.

Bundle is a delight. She's happy, hilarious, and prefers to sleep within a 10 foot radius of her mother. She loves growling, chattering away with new sounds every day, flapping her arms, and seems to favor frustrating herself by flopping onto her tummy and not crawling. We're a pretty happy bunch around here.


bella said...

way to be 40, troy!!!! and yay for growling! alex grunts all day....maybe we should get the two of them together!

ghd3 said...

Forty! Well done.

Glad you got an evening out.

Right behind you....

Adair said...

oh my goodness Rachel, your little bundle is delicious! Sounds like your little family is doing well and nice choice on the birthday dinner...yummy!

Misty said...

Finally a healthy bunch, too??

jefferies said...

Yay! Happy 40th Troy!
Happy Preslars!