The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Movie Night

I think it must have been shortly after Bundle's birth that I instigated our official movie night. Troy goes to church meetings every Tuesday night and sometimes he's there pretty late. I was needing a distraction for my big kids especially in those first few months when new babies are especially fussy in the evenings - something for the kids to look forward to, to motivate them to get along and finish up homework quickly and most importantly keep them busy while I put the baby to bed and cleaned up the house. They're very cute about it - we take turns choosing the movie and the kids always know just whose turn it is. Though during the day they'll bicker about the television, on movie night they try to choose movies that the other child will enjoy. We push our big green oversized arm chair and ottoman up to the t.v. and turn out the lights. Of course there is popcorn. I am sorry to say, dear husband, that although we miss you on those long Tuesday nights, movie night is a really fun tradition.

And now, Bundle wants in on it. We were late getting started on movie night this evening so I was still getting things situated when I started the movie. (Tonight's selection was "Sword in the Stone," a Disney classic in my book; I just love that squirrel scene, don't you?) I needed to stick Bundle someplace while I popped the corn, mixed up the chocolate milk and snuck some apples in there in hopes of any nutrition making its way into my children whatsoever. So I plopped her on the chair between the big kids. I've put her there before and she got really irritated but tonight she took right to it. (I'm trying to train my children early to enjoy the t.v.) She sucked on an apple slice and watched about 15 minutes of the show - it was really sweet to see my little trio enjoying our movie night. I guess it won't be long until she cuddles up there with them every time.


Julie said...

Love that tradition!!! We've been doing it for years. Popcorn is a whole grain so I just figured a whole grain & some fresh fruit made a great healthy dinner...every week :)

Windybrook Spinner said...

Tater loves to watch tv with his big siblings. He only stays for 10-15 minutes or so, but you can tell he's so happy to be sitting between them even though he isn't 100% what they find so interesting about the tv. When they go to turn it on he runs to the couch and climbs up on it in the middle with great anticipation. I love that little "bother." (Olivia)