The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dream Come True

Event Number 4:
A Love Affair with The Weepies

I know, "The Weepies" doesn't sound like a very happy name for a band, but I do love them so.  And they make me very very happy.  I discovered them about 3 1/2 years ago and they  haven't been on tour since then.  When I found out in August that they were coming I was so thrilled.  The Misty, always game for a girls night,  was nice enough to offer to come with me and Saturday night was the big night.  So fun.  Dinner at The Bay Leaf Cafe (very interesting selection of Southern and Philippine Food...) which of course included dessert - can't go wrong with peach cobbler!  A little window shopping and then off to The State Room for the music.  The opening band was a bit of a downer, but all was made right again as I sang along with every song Deb and Steve (a married couple who are The Weepies) had to offer.  They sang most of my very favorites.  Sigh.  Wish I were going again tonight!

Bundle took some serious planning around due to her understanding that she and I are actually Siamese twins, but thanks to my husband and Adam Grundvig, she did fine without me. And I had a fabulous time.  And I love The Weepies.  Here's their website:

Go and listen.  And join me in my happiness.


Adair said...

Oh Rachel, I am so incredibly jealous. I love the weepies. They are one of my favorites. I have sure thought of you a lot lately. I can't imagine the hurt you have felt in losing 2 close friends. You really are the greatest girl. Lots of love!

Misty said...

You make it sound like I just went along so you wouldn't go alone. I'm far more selfish than that, my friend. I loved that concert!! What I really want, tho, is another brooding folk song....