The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Begins

So, my last post was about me being a good mommy.  This one is about me being a bad mommy.   I'm bad because I can not STAND taking the kids to the school Halloween carnival.  (Were those gasps of horror I just heard?  I know I know....)  It is so hot, and so crowded.  The hallways are packed beyond packed with people scuffling to get in line for the carnival games.  Kids from the junior high come and wrestle on the stairs and bump into the little kids.  I don't love it when certain grownups dress up in actually VERY scary costumes and wander the halls intimidating kids (come on guys, this is elementary school).  But I have to go.  My kids get so excited and they talk about it all week.   So, we went.  And phooey, we had fun. Stomper lined up for the fishing booth five times, I think. Luckily Bitty got to spend the evening with a friend which made things much easier for me.  And I'm choosing to look at the event as one more opportunity for the kids to wear their much-labored-over costumes one more time this year.  Well, I didn't actually labor that much - luckily every kid on the planet has already done the Harry Potter thing, so I borrowed almost everything.  I only had to do one thing.  Knit a scarf.  In all my borrowing I came up one scarf short, and I couldn't stand the thought of paying good money for one when I can get yarn so cheap and have the skills to whip up a scarf.  Stupid me.  (How many times have I said that in all my blogging years?  Many!)  I spent all of yesterday afternoon frantically knitting away - just like me, don't you think?  But I finished it.  Okay, it's a rather stubby little scarf (I mistakenly went for thick and warm and so came up short in the length department...) but Bitty loves it and so all is well.  I adored my little Hogwarts troop, and can't wait for tonight!


Bella said...

a-dor-a-ble!!!!!!! and bundle's hair is all grown up!! way to go on the costumes...very nice!

Lainey said...

Your kids look darling! You are not a bad mom - we had that same dilemma this week with School "Chic Fil A" night. Curly was heart broken when I refused to go, but I help my ground.