The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

That's a Big Behind

Behind, as in...I'm really behind in blogging. What did you think I meant?

In the first half of the month of October I didn't pull out the camera one single time, and now in the past week I've taken over 200 pictures.  Woah.  Well, in a super-human feat of strength and endurance I'm going to try to document the major events of the past 10 days before I go to bed tonight.  Wish me luck.

Event Number 1:  
A Long Awaited Road Trip

My brother Peter and his cute family bought a home in St. George a few months ago and I never attempted the trip down there to see it until this past UEA weekend (for you out-of-towners, it's basically a little fall break from school, Thursday through Monday).  I was so happy with my kids - the driving was great, and I was spouse-less for the trip, so I was grateful for that.  Peter and Sheri have a great little home and I was really happy to get a chance to see it and spend some time there.  We did a lot of hanging out, going to a couple of really fabulous parks, swimming in Sheri's parents' "pool" (the most amazing hot tub ever) and watching shows.  It was a great trip and I'm looking forward to many more jaunts down south in the future, say, around January?  (Worst month ever in Salt Lake City, just so you know.)

I just have to post a link to Sheri's blog - she caught a great video of the girls playing "Just Dance" on the wii - my video wasn't as funny.  This is classic:

And now for the photo line-up:

Thank you Pete and Sheri, for a lovely weekend!

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